International Language Academy Central Asia

Foreign students enrolling in Russian or Kyrgyz Studies that are not residents of the Kyrgyz Republic, the process can be initiated by visiting our website and filling out a contact form.

The concept and vision of the International Language Academy Central Asia was developed and is managed by professional American educators.

iLAca’s objective is to provide our students the language skills needed to be contributing members of our 21st century “Global Society”. Development of strong communication skills, healthy self-confidence, a passion for excellence and respect for others, are the four main pillars of our school community.

Admission to iLAca is exclusive to students that dedicate themselves to learn. We are governed by our commitment to excellence. Not all applicants are accepted, only the best of the best are accepted to study at the International Language Academy Central Asia. An entrance exam and personal interview with each prospective student are required prior to acceptance.

We offer a broad range of language courses at iLAca Academy that were created for progressive, modern teachers where the focus is communicative English education.

The Academy offers programs for English, Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

iLAca offers a Full Academic Language Curriculum, Intensive Programs, One-on-One and group classes.

ILA Central Asia courses