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Published: 1 Jul, 2021

Westgate Corporation

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Japan, Tokyo
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Job title

University EFL Instructor

Job description

We are accepting applications for our teaching positions on our fall term programs from applicants who are in Japan and willing to teach both in-class and online, or applicants who are overseas and willing to teach online despite the time difference.

We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan. This unique opportunity is for bright teachers eager to enrich their teaching skills.

For the Accredited University Program, instructors will need to visit their assigned campus in person. As a result, we are only able to consider applicants who are already based in Japan for those positions. However, please be aware that instructors would also need to be prepared to switch to teaching online when requested.

For the Extracurricular University Program, we expect that most lessons will be delivered face-to-face on campus. Therefore, we are primarily considering applicants who are already based in Japan. However, lessons at a limited number of campuses will be conducted online for the whole fall semester. For those positions, we can consider applicants from overseas, or applicants in Japan who do not live within a commutable distance to any of our campuses in Kanto or Aichi.

*Applicants from overseas are advised to consider the time-difference between Japan and the country in which they would be based before applying for our positions. Working hours for most positions on our Extracurricular University Program will generally be something like 8:50am -5:50pm, 9:00am - 6:30pm, or similar (Japan Standard Time). Regardless of the hours offered per day, we are only offering positions which cover the full Monday-Friday working week, nothing less than that, i.e. there are no positions for those who are only available on certain weekdays.

**For instructors who would be based outside Japan, please note that it would be each instructor's responsibility to ensure that they are legally permitted to work in the country in which they reside, as well as taking care of taxes and health insurance.

***Please note that if an instructor begins the semester teaching online from overseas, it would not be possible to then move to Japan or a different country later in the semester. In such cases, the instructor would teach the entire course online at a fixed place from overseas.

In order to be able to teach for Westgate online, you would need to meet the following requirements.

- CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher (Core i5 or higher preferred)
- Memory: 4GB or higher (8GB or higher preferred)
- Internet speed: 1.5Mbps (=1500Kbps) or faster, 6Mbps or faster preferred
- Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 – May 2020 Update [2004] or newer; or Apple macOS Mojave 10.14.6 or newer (If you are using another OS, you would be asked to check with us to confirm whether it is ok or not)
- Browser: Microsoft Edge; Google Chrome 90 or newer; or Apple Safari 14.1 or newer
- Valid and active anti-virus software
- Web camera and microphone
- Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
* You would also need to agree to install applications that are required by Westgate.

Please read the Application Information for the Fall 2021 Term for more details.

– Spring Term
Extra-Curricular Courses: April/May to late July (approx. 3 months)
Accredited Courses: March/April to late July (approx. 3-5 months)

– Fall Term
Extra-Curricular Courses: September to December (approx. 3 months)
Accredited Courses: September to December/January (approx. 3-5 months)

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Aichi

**** ATTENTION ****
We are also looking for candidates with the following background and experience:
– Master’s degree or higher
– Total 3 years’ experience (6 or more terms/semesters) in teaching at university/community college (all subjects)

Westgate aims to shape the future of English education in Japan. We have been providing conversation-based practical English lessons since 1983 and hire over 400 instructors every year. Generations of Japanese students have developed their communicative English skills and cultural awareness on our programs. As well as helping to shape the direction of our students’ lives and careers, we have also been a gateway to career development for countless English instructors around the world.
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Salary and benefits

– Approximately 260,000 yen per month for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification, but less than 499 hours of actual classroom teaching experience
– Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification who have 500+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience
– Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors who have 1000+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching qualifications
*Note: Compensation is based on an hourly rate of pay. Exact monthly earnings fluctuate but over the course of a contract period average out to the figures listed above.

– HOUSING is provided. We can arrange a furnished single apartment with a rental fee of 81,000 yen per month (utilities and maintenance fees included).
– RENEWABLE contract.


- University graduate with a bachelor's and/or more advanced degree, plus one of the following:
a) experience teaching EFL/ESL in a classroom environment, along with a teaching certificate (TEFL/TESL/TESOL) and/or teaching credentials or qualifications (elementary/primary/secondary)
b) 1000+ hours of EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificates, credentials or qualifications
* No Japanese language ability is required.

How to apply

Please visit our website and fill out the online application form. We will contact you by email shortly after you have completed the form. You can also find more information about our programs and policies on our website.

Important: Please read our advice and guidelines for jobseekers at the bottom of this page before applying for this job

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