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Recently qualified (since Aug 2018) English teachers on Erasmus placement scheme for schools in Seville

Published: 5 Aug, 2019
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Spain, Sevilla

Job title

EFL Teacher / Teaching Assistant

Job description

Do you have a CELTA, TESOL or TEFL qualification?. Did you qualify after August 2018? Do you want to use your qualification to help everyone learn English? If so, apply now for our teaching training scheme (

Teach Seville is an Erasmus+ programme we set up to give teachers who have recently got their TESOL, TEFL or CELTA, practical teaching experience within a supported environment - in Seville, Spain (Spanish language skills are not required).

It gives you a chance to try out and develop your skills with a group of peers of mixed ages - and learn from each other.

Our scheme is a two year long EU funded programme run in partnership by Red Ochre in London and 3Si in Seville. That means all expenses (flights, bills, rent, insurance, 110 Euros grant per week for your food costs, support etc...) are all paid for as part of our funding.

We've just won late (due to Brexit related delays) funding to expand our scheme after a successful few years!

We are urgently now recruiting for another group of teachers who will have their placements between September 16th-December 19th 2019. If that sounds good, read on! (You can also visit our website - link below).

Teach Seville provides placements in 2019-2021 for you to use your teaching skills in English academies (such as Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesus, Lope de Vega Colegio, The Learning Centre, OUIEA and TEC Sevilla) in Seville, Spain.

Here's how it works -

1) Placements last 95 days

2) You will get FULL expenses paid (see below)

3) Train and teach in well known English academies in Seville. Placements will be modified to suit individuals but generally you'll start off with an orientation week, move to shadowing activities before assisting and running your own classes. All our academies have hosted our trainee teachers before and will a range of teaching experiences so you can develop your skills and self understanding

4) Your own room in an apartment in central Seville. You'll stay in the Macarena district of Seville with your own room with a bed, desk etc. and share a lounge and kitchen with two or three others who are also on Teach Seville

5) Continuous in country support from a friendly team who've done it. Our partners, 3Si are based in Seville. They are an Anglo-Spanish team full of staff that have teaching English qualifications. They'll support you in your placement and your care whilst in Spain. You will receive preparation training from Red Ochre at our offices in London before you go and orientation when you arrive including tours of Seville and your local neighbourhood as well as 1-1s about your work placement. This means day to day and week to week you will have support when you need it.

6) Free Spanish lessons whilst in Seville.

7) A preparation training day at our offices in London before your placement so you're ready to roll when you arrive in Seville.

8) An opportunity to teaching in a community centre setting and provide free lessons to those in Seville who want them.

In the UK, there is a need for teachers with high quality, internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications. Recent census figures showed that across England 1.7% of the population (900,000 people) have either no, or poor spoken English. These people face significant barriers in participating fully in local, national and European life. There is a need for high quality, trained teachers who can think creatively, but also with the ability to innovate and be entrepreneurial in how they teach, where and when. Secondly, Erasmus is a fund set up to encourage people to train and work in other European countries than the one they were born into. Our experience is that the opportunity to do this - in a supported scheme - is highly valuable in helping participants to then go on - with the confidence and skills required - and get full time jobs abroad.

If living in an incredible city like Seville with support and funding (and post Brexit these sort of things will end) isn't enough...

We know that after qualifying, for most English teachers experience is often isolated to on the job progression. This scheme will give you practical experience in well known academies in Seville, with a mentor in the school to guide your development. We also want you to try out different ways of teaching and with a range of students so that you can use the scheme to really develop. And if you can help to teach the Sevillanos English, you'll also be opening possibilities for them too!

Salary and benefits

As Teach Seville is an Erasmus scheme, participants do not get paid but they do get full expenses paid for. In practice that means everyone gets the following:

• A grant of 120 Euros per week for whatever you want to spend it on (e.g. food, local travel etc..)
• Accommodation (rent, tax, furnishings etc)
• Flights to and from the UK, booked by Red Ochre
• Bills (gas, electricity, tax, water, wifi etc...)
• Free Spanish classes and access to excellent "intercambio" language exchange evenings
• 24/7 in country support, including an orientation when you arrive where you will get tours of the city and 1-1s about your placement
• Travel insurance for the 95 days
• Airport transfers
• Preparation training and 24/7 in country support to help you get ready

Some nice things people who've been on Teach Seville said:
"I just want you to know I have really appreciated everything you have done for us. Teach Seville is probably the best thing I have ever done and I don't want it to end!...I never thought I would have the confidence to move to a new country and teach English, but this scheme made it possible because of the brilliant support I received. I owe this scheme so much, it has completely changed my life!" Participant, March 2018

"It has been a great pleasure to meet all the lovely people that run or take part in this programme. It was nice to be welcomed with so much care since we put our feet on Andalusian ground. Love the area where we live, love the flat, love my housemates and the school where I will spend my time in the next few months developing my professional life." Participant September 2017

I cannot recommend this scheme enough. I have had the opportunity to work in other countries before but this was by far the best experience socially and professionally. Participant, Teach Seville, Dec 2015

Thought you might like to know I'll be moving to Seville in August/September to take up a position in a language school. Can't wait!" Participant, March 2017

A fantastic opportunity to live and work abroad in a beautiful and vibrant city. I had an amazing two months developing as an English teacher but also being immersed in a new culture and meeting lots of great new people.Participant, May 2016

I highly recommend the Teach Seville! Program. I felt well supported and thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seville, because its a unique opportunity that I will value tremendously throughout my future career. I am very grateful for being accepted onto the scheme, and I hope that it continues to get funding for years to come, because I think that its something that will be invaluable for so many fledgling teachers. Participant, May 2016

I had a really great time in Seville, and it helped me greatly to decide what I want to do in the future, and how to go about finding further work in the country. Participant, Dec 2015

I just wanted to say thanks for everything and for letting me be a part of Teach Seville. It really was an amazing experience and provided me with exactly the experience I needed to start working as an English teacher. Aside from that, it was loads of fun and I was able to visit a lot of beautiful places! Ive got a job for the summer in Valencia so Ill be heading back to Spain next weekend, I almost cant believe it. Participant May 2017

Many thanks for taking the time out today to wrap up our placement with Teach Seville! The whole experience, from the city, to the school, to the people I've met over the past two months has been fantastic.I wanted to take this time to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this scheme. I am very grateful for the experience, and it has helped open my eyes to what it is really like to live in another country, not simply to visit it as a tourist.I would recommend the scheme to anyone that asked. Participant May 2017


Anyone with a TESOL, CELTA or TEFL qualification, gained since August 2018. We really welcome applicants of any age or background - whoever you are.

Most importantly, we are looking for people who are kind, curious and committed to English teaching and to enjoying their time in Seville and contributing something positive whilst there. And people who are happy to share and live with others.

For administration purposes, you must be at least temporarily based in the UK, with a UK bank account and address (due to our EU funding rules for Erasmus).

In previous groups we have had people who already have a little teaching experience abroad and we have some people with a qualification but zero teaching experience. The scheme has enough variety to cater to both. We have had people with zero Spanish skills (you are supported to learn and have help on hand if you need it) and people who are fluent.

How to apply

Visit our website

Complete an application form and send with your CV to -

Any questions, do feel free to get in touch!

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