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Online English Tutor

Published: 6 Feb, 2019

Bibo Global Opportunity

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Full and part time

Job title

Online English tutor

Job description

Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. is a big, stable and fast-growing online language school producing effective speakers and writers of the English language using fun, innovative and interactive ways of language learning.

Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. actively creates a hub that is at par with studying in an offline school where English study is done at the comforts of the student’s homes or offices. The school is providing an interesting curriculum program and educational services designed to suit the demands for international language preparation and communicative competence.

We aim to teach English to second language learners, young or old, students and professionals in Japan or any parts of the world whether it is in a short or long-term educational program as preferred, agreed or decided by the student or any institution that wants to tie up with the school.

Likewise, the study is geared towards teaching Conversational English, Business English, Reading and Writing Skills, Listening and Speaking Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary, or Useful Language Expression and Idioms even exam review classes like IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.

Moreover, the school also aims to provide the best language training and tutoring to students in which the inculcation of correct values, understanding cultural differences, and effective language tutoring methodologies are intertwined to assure success in studying and teaching.

Finally, Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. exposes students to helpful, effective language tutoring methods from a family of very competent and well-trained online ESL tutors. We offer our employees a chance to work for a big and stable company, meet new and interesting people from all around the world, and do all of that from the comfort of their home. Our tutors create their own schedule without any minimum restrictions or limitations. We always invest in our employees, we have 6000+ tutors from 102+ countries to prove that.

We are looking for Online English Tutors who can work from home (part-time / full-time).

• Apply and work for the best online English school in Japan
• Provide home-based English lessons to the students worldwide using Skype
• You can plot your schedule anytime of the day, with no minimum required number of hours
• 1-on-1 classes with foreign students with different English levels and from different age groups
• Our most distinguishing feature is a huge database with students from all over the world
• Our tutors are constantly fully booked!

Salary and benefits

Average salary for our tutors is 600$ a month

• Training
• Monthly incentive
• 60% guaranteed booking rate payment in the first month
• Weekend incentives
• Yearly Awards
• Active Tutor Support Program
• 24/7 Operation Support
• Bonuses
• Chance to get promoted

Chose the most convenient time for you, and enjoy your stress-free job.

You can work from your home at your most convenient time because our system is open 24 hours a day.

Lesson materials are fully provided. Conduct every class using our fun and easy-to-follow lesson materials, no need to create your lesson plan.

Real-time tutor support is provided by friendly and dedicated staff from all around the world.

Get paid on time! Payout is every 20th of the month via PayPal.


• 18 years old and above
• Quiet working environment

Technical Requirements:
• Reliable and high-speed internet connection at home (at least 0.5 Mbps for Upload/Download vs Tokyo server)
• Laptop/Desktop computer
• Webcam
• Headset / Earphones

Required skills:
• Excellent command of English language
• Computer literate
• Willing to work at home in a quiet working environment (this is a home-based tutoring position)

How to apply

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