Nursery/Preschool English Teacher

Published: 23 Aug, 2021

Three Lions International School

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Japan, Kumamoto
Full time

Job title

Nursery/Preschool English Teacher

Job description

We are interested in hiring excellent teachers who are passionate about education and are willing and able to contribute to school and student life in a wide variety of ways.
We want to build an outstanding faculty who provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students learn to speak English, the 7 different areas of learning and development, as well as promote high standards, collegiality and a strong sense of community.
We value candidates who exhibit a passion for teaching, who have experience with students from diverse backgrounds, whose pursuit of professional development is keen and ongoing, and whose academic background and teaching experience are directly relevant to the position.

Applicants should be someone who:
understands that the children and their safety is our highest priority
understands the need to be punctual, always well prepared for the day and other work tasks
plays sports or participates in some type of team activity
has the ability to think of their feet to sudden changes in their environment
works well with other co-workers, and finds ways to communicate effectively despite possible language barriers
believes that education is not a spectator sport, but an experience that should be relevant, meaningful, and memorable
reads sources, inside and outside of your area of expertise, in order to expand your knowledge as much as possible
has an open mind, and is willing to adapt to a potentially different work environment (and way of doing things)
demonstrates a passion for Japan and its culture, and is willing to be a responsible ambassador for your country and our school
is interested in the psychology of learning, child psychology, second language acquisition, philosophy, and/or other related domains
loves interacting with preschoolers all the way up to teenagers, but is also willing to apply discipline consistent with the school’s approach
can not only motivate students to learn, but also teach them how to learn
understands that the daily operation of a school is hard work, and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to help out beyond simply planning and teaching lessons
understands that lessons are filled with activities, such as singing, dancing, and games. Working with children, while stimulating and rewarding, is also physically and mentally demanding
has a certified teaching degree or a master’s degree in the subject of instruction

Salary and benefits

Housing procurement assistance
VISA sponsorship (if eligible by immigrations)
Paid holidays, Sick leave
Being part of a welcoming team willing to support you with anything you need.
220,000 Yen/ month


Minimum requirements: English Teacher
2-3 years of teaching experience as a preschool/kindergarten teacher
Bachelor’s Degree (Early Childhood Education preferred)
Teaching certificate(s)
Experience working in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual setting
Familiar with best practices and current teaching methodologies
Commitment to stay in Japan at least 3 years

How to apply

To apply, please write a brief cover letter introducing yourself and respond to the following questions:
1. Country and city of origin
2. What university did you attend and year of graduation?
3. What teaching qualification do you possess, do you have a specialization in early years education?
4. Previous experience
5. Teaching philosophy
6. Favourite children's book to read aloud

Important: Please read our advice and guidelines for jobseekers at the bottom of this page before applying for this job

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