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Published: 7 Jun, 2020

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Kuwait, Marina, Dubai
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Job title

Middle/High School teachers

Job description

We have fantastic positions for you in Kuwait. An International School in Kuwait is looking for the following teachers:

• Math Teachers
• Science Teacher ( for Biology and General Science, Environmental Science)
• English (Literature and Language Arts)
• Floater (permanent Substitute for Math/ Science)
• ICT Teacher
• Chemistry Teacher
• LSU Homeroom Teacher

International schools
With such a large expatriate population, Kuwait has a considerable number of international schools. In the state you’ll find the British, American and International Baccalaureate curriculum on offer, as well as numerous Indian and Pakistani private schools, and bilingual English and Arabic schools.

Salaries and packages vary from school to school, but as an English-speaking teacher you’ll be able to find some very competitive offers.

According to Marchant, the salaries at the top schools will match those anywhere in the world, and the capacity to save “is massive”.

“People do save a lot of money. All the schools give you state medical insurance, so you’re covered in Kuwait, but there’s not the private healthcare you’d get in Dubai or China.

“There’s one return flight home per year per person and you’ll get a two-bedroom apartment. Salary-wise, we’re competitive, but we’re not offering villas, multiple flights and all those things.”

Culture and society
Kuwait is a dry state, so the boozy brunches that are a mainstay of expat culture in more westernised Gulf states don’t exist, but eating out is still a popular way to socialise.

Most Western restaurant chains and shops can be found and there are numerous societies and sports clubs. Many of the hotels have beach clubs offering memberships, which offer a good place to relax when temperatures rise over summer.

Between the end of October and mid-April, the temperatures in Kuwait are usually somewhere in the twenties (degrees C). From May to September, however, it’s not uncommon to see highs of 45 degrees Celsius.

Travel opportunities
Owing to the intense summer heat, the international school term finishes in mid June, giving teachers approximately 10 weeks’ holiday over the summer. Numerous airlines fly from Kuwait, to Delhi in four hours, Sri Lanka in five, London in six and Bangkok in seven.

To drive in Kuwait, you will need a Kuwaiti driving licence. To obtain this you’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements, which include your residency category and salary. You may be able to transfer your UK licence, but this will require you to get your UK licence attested by the UK Foreign Office.

Life in Kuwait
Having been teaching in Kuwait for 18 years, Marchant has experienced at first hand what living and working in the country entails:

I moved to Kuwait in September 2001 to take up the post of chemistry teacher at the New English School (NES) and have been here ever since. I was made head of year in 2003 and deputy headteacher in 2004. After a sideways move to a post for assessment, development and learning in 2010, I was made secondary headteacher in 2017 and principal in 2018.

I began teaching science full time in 1996 in Cambridgeshire and moved to Essex to take up the post of head of year 10 in 1999. Then a friend of a friend who worked at NES suggested that I should consider applying here. I have always loved travel and had thought about the opportunity to work in an international school. Money was very tight working in the UK so I put in an application and was successful.

Salary and benefits

Attractive salary 2800 to 3800$ (Tax-Free)

+ Fully furnished accommodation / housing allowance
+ Transportation from / to school
+ Annual round trip ticket
+ Private medical insurance
+ Tuition fee benefit
+ Baggage allowance
+ Indemnity

Regarding the accommodation, you may choose to live in school housing or take an allowance.

The accommodation is 2-bed room apartment (fully furnished) with all utilities, electronics, water, electricity, maintenance and WiFi. I can send photos and videos on WhatsApp if you wish after candidates receive offers.

Also please note that all vacations and holidays are paid (summer holiday – Christmas – spring break and winter break).


Candidates have to have a degree in related teaching subjects. For example, Math Teacher has to have a Bachelor degree in Math. Homeroom Teacher, has to have a degree in Education etc.

All candidates have to be a native English speakers.

Please make sure you send the full documents (Resume, copy of bachelor degree, copy of transcripts and passport copy – pls submit copy of the Civil ID and Ministry approval for submitted applications with Kuwaiti residences )

High School candidates have to have at least 3 years experiences, and with international experiences (to be able to coop with the area and the students culture).

How to apply

Please make sure to send the full documents (resume, copy of bachelor degree, copy of transcripts and passport copy) to the following email address:

with CC to:

• Attached CV
• Passport
• University degree
• University transcript

Arsalan Mureed | Native Teacher Recruitment Specialist
Marketing Recruitment Manager
Address: English Today Recruitment
Al Habtoor Business Tower, Level 21
Al Falea Street, Dubai Marina

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