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Exciting EFL Teaching Role for Online Women's Community

Published: 24 Mar, 2019
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Part time

Job title

ESL Teacher

Job description

This is a part-time role, based online. You will be part of a small but mighty team! Your role is part teacher, part coach, part friend.

Each week, you’ll be responsible for:

- Delivering live lessons to our members via online video at specific time slots.
- Guiding small group conversations via video call with 4-6 women.
- Participating in our community conversations, providing encouragement, support and teacher feedback on the articles and posts our students share on our website.
- Attending “Office Hours” as the teacher on duty; available to answer student questions about anything they’re having trouble with


The Ladies’ Project is an online community of incredible women from around the world, motivated to change their lives through English!

We give them the skills and the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and bring English into their everyday lives; connecting them with other women to practise what they’re learning and build valuable new friendships across borders.

The Ladies' Project is not a language school or a library of online courses, it's an engaging social learning environment. Our community and the English conversations we have, are at the heart of everything we do.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and experienced English teacher to join The Ladies’ Project and deliver our lessons via live video, offer feedback and encouragement to our members and be available at set times during the week answer their questions.
While this specific position is for a native speaker, we also have other positions arising where this is not a requirement.

Please see the full job description and instruction to apply at:

Salary and benefits

Here's what we have to offer you:

- Salary US$1100-$1800/mth, depending on your experience and ability to get started (Around $25/hr)

- 15hrs per week

- Amazing community of enthusiastic students and supportive staff.

- Work from anywhere you like (as long as you meet our minimum internet requirements).

- Valuable career experience “riding the wave” with an innovative startup.

- Possibility of assisting with other projects such as course creation, lesson writing.

- We respect your local holidays of course!


Please see the full job description and instruction to apply at:

We highly recommend you take a look at our website, and take the tour featuring our Founder, because for your application to be successful, you will need to demonstrate that you align with our vision and are motivated to be involved.

Minimum requirements for this position:
- A native English speaker (we have other positions available, but for this one, yes, it is required)
- TESOL qualification – CELTA or equivalent
- Minimum of 3 years teaching experience (full-time)
- Experience teaching English online.
- Familiar with Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides and/or MS Office
- Must understand world time zones and how they work

How to apply

To apply, pleaes visit our website and read the full job description carefully, that also has exact details of how to apply.

Important: Please read our advice and guidelines for jobseekers at the bottom of this page before applying for this job

Do you like the sound of this job but need a TEFL qualification?  Find a TEFL course near you or online.

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