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Published: 7 Jul, 2021

Beijing Xintong Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

China, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Yunan, Sanya, etc
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English teacher

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Recruitment of English teachers in China!
昆明市kunming city , a couple , they can help you get work visa and provide house , salary is 10-11k and work from wednesday to sunday or monday to friday(non native,provide work visa )
贵州省遵义zunyi city in guizhou province need non native female
深圳龙岗区 shenzhen longgang district kindergarten female non native
株洲市 zhuzhou city in hunan province need non native provide accommodation and one year full time job work from May
宁波市 ningbo city nonnative , male , and you need have all legalzied documents
上海市 shanghai city need non native who can get work visa !
成都市 chengdu city -longquanyi district need non native female and work asap !
江西赣州 ganzhou city in jiangxi province need non native female
苏州市 suzhou city need native , training center
浙江宁波ningbo city need native , training center
江苏淮安 hui'an city in jiangsu province need native , training center
辽宁沈阳 shenyang city need native , training center
南京nanjing city city need native , kindergarten
台州 taizhou city need native , kindergarten
东莞市 dongguan city need native , training center
深圳龙岗区 longgang district in shenzhen city need native , training center
深圳南山区nanshan district in shenzhen city need native , training center
吉林长春 changchun city need native use own visa
河南洛阳luoyang city need native
江苏如皋gugao city in jiangsu province need native
湖南怀化 huaihua city in hunan province need native
taizhou city 台州 (kindergarten and training center )
Wuxi  city无锡市(kindergarten and training center )  
yiwu city 义乌市(kindergarten and training center )
ji’nan city 济南市(kindergarten and training center )
nanjing city 南京市(kindergarten and training center )
Changzhou city  常州市(kindergarten and training center ) ,
 Hangzhou   city杭州市 (kindergarten and training center )    
 fuzhou city 福州市 (kindergarten and training center )
 quanzhou city 泉州市(kindergarten and training center )         
 chengdu city 成都市(kindergarten and training center )     
zhengzhou city 郑州市(kindergarten and training center )  
 foshan city 佛山市(kindergarten and training center )    
Guiyang City贵阳市(kindergarten and training center ) foreign teachers. For foreign teachers who meet the work visa, the weekly teaching time is 25-30 hours, full-time from Monday to Friday, 18-25K + accommodation or accommodation allowance.
Shanghai Pudong New Area kindergarten 上海浦东新区 two native language foreign teachers, 40 hours in total from Monday to Friday, 20-25K in full package, providing working meals, and applying for work visa (the qualified foreign teachers can apply for work visa in May)


1.dedicate to education with responsibility for teaching and caring for students.
2.abide by school regulations and management, achieve the teaching goal as scheduled with high quality.
3.assist chinese english teacher on the oral english training program and exchange the english teaching method.
4.assist the school recruit team for applicants’oral english test .
5.attend english activities held by school, such as english day, english outdoor activities, english competition and english class assessment.
6.attend activities for advanced classes; assist the school to draft and revise the english teaching materials.
7.attend the monthly meeting to give feedback and report the relevant teaching work. (the attendance includes all foreign teachers, the teaching supervisor from the company and the dean of school teaching department.)
8.attend the biweekly meeting with chinese english teacher to make lesson plans collectively.
9.keep facilities of the office and classroom in good shape, and keep energy-saving in mind. in case of any damage, foreign teacher should compensate according to the value.
10.keep classroom and office clean and tidy.

How to apply

We help you find a position as an English teacher in China for free! Welcome to contact us!
Contact me : hannah
Email: hannah1234562021@163.com
Email: hannah20210513@q163.com

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