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Online TEFL Teacher wanted to join our dynamic team

Published: 15 Dec, 2019
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China, Beijing
Part time

Job title

Online English teacher

Job description

Nageshenme Education is an international, professional and friendly education company. We have been focused on language learning through cross-cultural education in Scandinavia for 5 years. Our team is extremely diverse in terms of education and cultural background. We are passionate about growth, innovation and collaboration, constantly striving to improve and better ourselves with the vision to promote real children’s education in China.

We are recruiting English teachers for our online teaching project. Focusing on delivering English classes for elementary school students, including grammar, reading, writing and so on. Each session will last around 1-1.5 hours. This is a remote position, so you can work from home!

If you also have the heart for education like us and thrive for challenges, you will be a great fit for our team! This is an extraordinary opportunity for people who love working with a friendly teaching team where your creativity will be valued and your teaching will really make a difference to students' lives.

Position details -
• Developing and implementing lessons and work schemes to ensure they run smoothly
• Teaching in an engaging and age appropriate way
• Taking a genuine interest in students' development
• Designing student homework and delivering assessments
• Start date: Year around

Salary and benefits

Hourly rate £15 - £50 per hour will be achievable depending on experience and qualifications.


Native-speaker of English

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and previous teaching experience

University degree in linguistics, history, education or drama will be particularly preferred

Good internet speed

How to apply

We offer immediate start to the right candidate.

(1) Please send your resume, cover letter, and preferably a short introduction video to the following email address The resume should have a profile picture and your current contact info, including Skype ID if you have one. 

(2) Once your resume has been reviewed and you meet the qualifications, we will email you and schedule an appointment to speak on the phone or Skype. This is usually around 20 minutes and it will allow us to answer any questions you might have. 

Feel free to distribute this post to anyone who wishes to apply.

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