English teachers for a private center in Central High land, Viêt Nam

Duc Trong English Centre

19 July, 2022

Vietnam, Ductrong

Job Type
Full time

Job title
EFL Teacher

Job description

DEC is a private English Language centre in a town in the central Highland of Vietnam approximately 1 hour’s flight north of Ho Chi Minh City.
We are seeking 2 English language teachers to work at our centre starting in early September, 2022, preferably until August 2024, although we can be flexible about contract length. Because the area is relatively poor, students pay only $10 per month for their tuition, and the poorest pay nothing at all so we are not a wealthy language school. The teaching position will involve teaching 12 x 90 minute lessons per week over 6 days Monday – Saturday, the teaching sessions are all in the afternoon and evening. The age range of the students is 7 years up to adult, and the levels range between beginner and Advanced. Some of the lessons will be taken from the students’ course books, but we would like our teacher to produce some more interactive materials for the rest of their classes in order that the students can develop their speaking and listening skills, using and developing their existing language knowledge.

Salary and benefits

You will pay for your own transportation to Vietnam but once here you will receive $1,200 US per month plus free food and accommodation.
Visa renewal and work permit fees will be paid by the center.


-Police clearance
-TEFL or TESOL required
-University degree required
All of the documents must be translated into Vietnamese and authenticated by the Vietnamese embassy in your country

How to apply

Please send your CV to ductrongdec2017@gmail.com

or contact Ms Uyen Vo +84919779139

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