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Your personal information when applying for jobs

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  • LeoLeo
    16 September, 2014 at 15:27
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    Had anything stolen lately…..?

    I thought I’d been a bad boy in my younger day but I’ve never resorted to theft.
    So should we have pity on these rip-off job boards who scour the legitimate online boards and copy/paste vacancy adverts in the vain hope that some gullible fool will respond.

    Would you, as a teacher, really be so stupid as to forward your personal information to some outfit whose web-site resolves via redirect to an address in some third world tin-pot town?

    I kid you not, it happens. Your precious email and down-loadable CV may now be winging it’s re-directed way to who knows where and there is now nothing you can do to stop it, cancel it or delete it! All that hard work and spell-checker correction effort as you sat there late into the night…..and then you hit Send. All without doing a few simple checks on the job site legitimacy. Back in the bad old days when once I had to close down for the want of a quality tutor I gave more time to research into teacher vacancy web-site legitimacy than I did on wording the vacancy. Out of five sites, two stacked up as trustworthy…

    I have the address and land-line phone numbers for both. And they are not Premium 0870/0844/0909 dial codes either.
    How do these sites get away with it….it is down solely to gullibility, stupidity and applicants not reading the advert wording clearly! If you read copy that states ”We advertise solely on such and such named site” and you see these exact words shown on another site, are you wanting to respond, are you so dim?
    Is there full address and web-site info shown where you will apply? Or are you requested to simply send your info to some blind site.

    Please, Please….bear this in mind: Spend as much time checking the ad site you intend to use as you have spent on the CV prep. At the very least go here> http://www.whois-search.com and see if the site shows readable sensible information.

    Try this…Read this post carefully, then go search, find out who I am….LeoLeo.

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