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    7 June, 2019 at 8:39
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    To whom it may concern.

    I began working for Xue Bang’s online department, remotely from Thailand, in January 2019. After a lengthy interview and training process, I started teaching for them through the platform Zoom. For the first month and a half’s worth of work, I was paid through PayPal. After this, I worked for a period of two and a half months without receiving any payment. I was informed that the company’s payment policy had changed and they wished to pay via bank transfer. I was informed that this was due to new regulations by the government. They claimed that they had transferred March’s payment to me twice, through two different banks but they provided no evidence to support this whatsoever and, of course, I never received the payment.
    When May came around, all Thailand teachers were put onto standby and told that, due to banking issues, they would be taking us off the platform and that all teaching hours would be removed. We were told that there would be massive changes to the contract and that we would no longer be receiving payment for standby hours.
    It wasn’t long until all the online teachers were frozen out and, of course, nobody received any payment for April or May. This was despite teachers agreeing to honour their hours booked in the month of May.

    This company has refused to rectify this issue and has ripped off over 60 teachers. I am personally owed over 2000 USD and I can’t imagine what the total for all the teachers amounts to.

    Please be very careful when dealing with such a company.


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