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Which TEFL course for an experienced teacher?

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  • skills83
    14 June, 2012 at 21:11
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    I currently teach English at secondary level but I’m keen on a change of focus. I’m seeking any good advice on which particular TEFL course to choose.
    I know for sure I want to teach English as a Foreign Language. Through my research it’s become clear that there is a wealth of choice for course.

    I live in Liverpool and there is a school that offers a CELTA course. I have the £1300 to pay for it, but it seems to be Initial Teacher Training. I have a degree in English, a PGCE and 7 years of teaching English at secondary level.

    I have read that one of the key things that employers look for, and hence one of the main benefits of CELTA, is the six hours of teaching practice offered by the course. However, is it sensible to argue that with 7 years experience, that I do not require Initial Teacher Training, classroom management training or teaching practice, but rather a focus on the specific content that I would need to teach?

    Would a 120+ hours online TEFL course, therefore, such as TEFL England, a worthwhile option for me? I notice that it cost around £300. My question is not based around money, I should point out, but I’m sure all will see my point that I don’t want to spend an extra £1000 for a CELTA if I don’t need to.

    Would my degree and 7 years as a teacher carry weight, and possibly negate the need to do ITT, such as CELTA?

    Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.

    15 June, 2012 at 14:26
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    If you’re going to teach in most parts of the world outside of Western Europe, I would say to skip the Celta and do a 120-150 reputable online course just to get acquainted with the profession and have some certification "on paper" (don’t want to go in the profession completely blindly; plus more and more schools are preferring that you have some TESOL certificate, even in Asia, online or not). Your high degree alone (linguistics-based) + online EFL course greatly suffices, but add long classroom experience to that and you have a situation that will easily override any 4-5 week TESOL certificate in most parts of the world. In Asia, for example, Celtas are usually seen no differently than some online course; in fact, in Japan, most schools still don’t even require any certificate, but more and more "prefer" one.

    Clarification: In general, language schools in Western Europe as well as your sporadic school here and there worldwide will insist on a Celta (or equivalent) or, if not, a Bachelor’s or Master’s in TESOL, which would overqualify you, imho, unless the schools requires a high degree in TESOL (rare unless you’re teaching English to foreigners in a university such as in the USA).

    Don’t fret too much and overthink — just do an online course (6-hour teaching practicum is best, but not necessary, either)

    Best of luck in your future endeavors in EFL! :D

    11 July, 2012 at 11:02
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    The answer for your question will be based on the country you are working as a TEFL trainer or you wish to. Several TEFL courses are there. You can consider below -TESOL – Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages.

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