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Which certificate should I do?

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  • foxy
    18 October, 2008 at 18:03
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    I’m 19, high school graduate, english native speaker.
    I want to study but my financial situation is a bit crappy, so I thought about working full-time as a english teacher for a year and then start studying part-time and working a part-time job.
    Which certificate should I pass to be able to apply for a job as a english teacher?
    I would like to aim for a work in Japan. And i’m not afraid of a culture shock, as I moved several times to different countries.

    thank you in advance for replying

    20 October, 2008 at 15:43
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    You will need to get at least a TESL/TEFL Certificate.

    Requirements vary from country to country, and often from school to school. Some employers may ask for a degree as well as Cert. but being certified will certainly make you more marketable and it will also prepare you for the job.

    Online courses are a good option particularly if you have a limited budget to further your studies or if you have other work and/or family commitments that restrict the amount of time you have available to study. You can find good online courses that provide quality training and allow you to work at your own pace.

    ICAL Quality Online TEFL Training since 1998

    24 October, 2008 at 14:50
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    Hi Foxy

    have a look here too: http://www.eslbase.com/intro/courses


    27 October, 2008 at 14:06
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    I’m also interested in taking a TEFL course. I can only do the online option but I have some questions.

    I’ve read that the Trinity certTESOL is a very good option, does it really make a huge difference which school the study was undertaken? There are so many courses available I’m unsure which online study has a good acknowledged accreditation. Are all TESL/TESOL certificates recognised by employers? Can anyone offer advice on which schools or certificates are better than others, I’m not sure every school will follow the same programme? Do most certificates also cover teaching english to young learners?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions.
    Thanks in advance for light shed on said matter :)

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