What are the ways into TEFL Volunteering (in UK)?

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  • A_Nicholson
    2 December, 2019 at 12:01
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    Hi All,

    I am very interested in teaching English, so I was wondering how to go about volunteering as an EFL teacher/assistant. As the internet is vast and there are so many volunteering websites, I was thinking I could ask on here to get some scope.

    I am based in the UK and I would love to do the CELTA (I am currently TEFL qualified), but finance is not quite there yet. Specifically, are there organisations in the UK that have volunteering roles for teaching EFL – perhaps to refugees? I understand that the bulk of roles are outside of the UK and I will welcome ideas regarding doing this abroad too, but that I think would be in a years time.

    So for now, is there anything in the UK that would help me get my foot in the door? I’m talking about weekends and a couple of days a week, just so I can help people out and get it going as a bit of a hobby (yes, a hobby!).

    Many Thanks.

    20 December, 2019 at 6:53
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    Try local councils and refugee / asylum seeker organisations


    Most volunteer TEFL work in the UK tends to be with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, or through local council or charity projects.

    For example, there’s currently a volunteer position at Barnado’s in Birmingham, running a conversation class for parents who have English as a Scond Language. There’s another one with the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association in Lewisham volunteering with refugees and migrants. (I found these two on Indeed, searching “English Language Volunteer Teacher”).

    I know you may not be based in Birmingham or London, but it’s just to give you some examples. I would get in touch with your local council, charities, and organisations that work with migrants / refugees / asylum seekers, to see if they have anything available. If they don’t, why not suggest setting something up? They may be only too happy to oblige!

    Hope that helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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