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Thomas Gren, LG UPlus Corporation

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    6 October, 2021 at 10:53
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    We received an alert from a teacher who was contacted after posting their profile on an ESL website.

    The teacher was contacted by someone calling themselves Thomas Gren, claiming to be the HR Manager at LG UPlus Corporation. The email was sent from hrdesk@lgupluscorp.com. LG Uplus is a telecommunications company in South Korea, but has the domain uplus.co.kr, not lgupluscorp.com.

    They offered a flexible online Business English teaching position of 10-20 hours per week at $50/hour. The teacher sent their CV and cover letter and arranged an interview online via Skype. Within 3 hours of the interview they were offered the job and sent a contract to sign. They were also asked to approach the Asia Bureau Service in South Korea (www.asiabureauhq.com, info@asiabureauservice.com).

    The teacher noticed the following red flags:

    1. All the emails were very generic and not addressed to the teacher personally
    2. The video for the Skype interview was very low resolution, with no audio.
    3. The interviewer (Thomas Gren) then communicated via the chat (IM) function stating that the connection appeared to be poor and that the teacher should try and call him back on Skype. This didn’t work, so he asked if he could send the teacher a list of questions. This list arrived on LG UPlus company letterhead. The teacher was asked if they could record video with their answers.
    3. Within just 2 hours of the interview the teacher received an email with a job offer.
    4. The teacher received the contract, which contained rather generic conditions more suited to a permanent employment contract and not a remote online job (such as housing allowance, etc.)
    5. The teacher received communication from the Asia Bureau Office and the Consulate from their home country, informing them that they needed to complete an application for some sort of security clearance. The timeframe for all this correspondence was just a couple of hours – a questionably quick turnaround time for such departments in the teacher’s home country.
    6. There is no mention of a Thomas Gren working at LG based on a quick search.
    7. The teacher was asked to pay around 800 Euros for the security check, using Moneygram to somewhere in Turkey (for a job with a South Korean company).
    8. The pay was $50/hour – very high.
    9. When the teacher contacted all of the above contacts informing them of these suspicions, no reply was received.

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