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  • ac28
    2 May, 2011 at 11:57
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    im doing the trinity cert in september this year and hope to get work soon after in europe, probably eastern europe as i heard its easier to get into the industry over there. i will be 21 when i finish the course, but ive never been to university as ive been travelling around since i finished high school in 2008. i speak good spanish and have a bit of experience teaching english as a second language as my mum is an esl teacher. i am looking to turn this into a career so if any one has advice about where and what kind of jobs i should be looking out for, any schools that take entry level teachers, that would be a huge help. im not too fussed about visas, im happy to work under the table and hear its common practice in alot of places. or go freelance if it is a viable option, money isnt really what im after, just enough to get by and then move onto the next place. also any advice on apperance…. will schools hire a teacher with a peircing and some dreadlocks?

    if anyone could help me out that would be great!



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