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TEFL PDI – TEFL Professional Development Institute – Anyone know anything about?

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  • Zeetee
    30 January, 2017 at 14:05
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    Hi Guys

    So I completed my 120 hour TEFL cert on : http://www.theteflcertificate.com/

    Basically I searched everywhere online for anything about this site but couldnt find anything
    I tried to contact them on email, google + , facebook but nothing
    Someone recently contacted me over Facebook to ask me the same questions
    If I know anything about this site and its TEFL cert

    Unfortunately I was really broke and travelling and I got a job offer in Taiwan
    I completed the online course fairly and got emailed the e certificate
    Of course the course and site seemed appealing because it was free , with me being pretty broke
    If I had some money I would have spent some money on a proper course
    But for now I did the course – 120 hours went through all of the material and it was really useful

    I do have over a year teaching experience teaching online as well as classrooms
    So the TEFL was just a matter of procedure as I am also a native English speaker
    It was just about getting the relevant paper to get the visa here in Taiwan in order to get the job

    However since having the email e certificate – the school now requires the hard copy to make the visa application
    On the site, to get the hard copy sent to you costs 50GBP
    I might just take the chance as its not too much money however, I don’t want to lose money anyway
    How will they even know where to send it to??
    Its weird – just smells like a scam but nothing about it online at all

    Why is there nothing negative about this site online?
    They have google + and Facebook accounts and a blog that is updated sometimes
    Yet they don’t respond to my emails at all so its a little sceptical

    Anyone know or have heard anything about this site??


    Basically I have the e certificate now but it contains a watermark that says: “E Certificate”
    So the school and recruiter fears that this might not be accepted by the Taiwanese government

    I will pass on any info I get to the guy on Facebook also reaching out to get some information :))

    Thank you so much

    Kindest regards

    31 January, 2017 at 10:06
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    Hi Zeetee

    I haven’t heard of this organisation. A quick look at their website raises a few concerns for me:

    – It’s not very professionally designed or laid out
    – For a company which claims to include members from all major sectors of the teaching industry, It’s not very well written. For example from the About page:
    “whether in the classroom or office each our members truly understand the breath of the TEFL industry.”
    – There are some very generic photos. On the About page, for example, there is a photo of a large glass building – is this supposed to be the corporate headquarters? If so, why not label it as such? If not, why is the picture there?

    Maybe I’m just being picky, but the overall site doesn’t instil any trust in me.

    A more detailed look at the site raises a couple of important questions:

    – The “free TEFL course” business model is very commendable, but it leaves me asking the question “Why?” It seems that their way of making money is to charge for a paper copy of the certificate. First of all, if their philosophy is about providing free training, then why charge 50 GBP for the certificate? It surely can’t cost them this much to produce and send out. Secondly, if this is their way of making money, then why don’t they respond to your emails when you ask for the certificate and are willing to pay?

    – The biggest concern is accreditation: They have three logos on their Accreditation page, OTTSA, ALAP and BOAA.
    The OTTSA website doesn’t list them as one of their accredited courses, neither does ALAP. If you Google “BOAA Board of Academic Advisors” it’s impossible to find a website for this organisation, so who are they?

    Okay, that’s my assessment of the organisation, but I realise none of this really helps you in your current predicament. When you try to purchase the certificate, do they ask you to make the payment online first? As they’re not responding to your efforts to contact them, I would advise against sending them any money – it looks like you’d be risking losing the 50 GBP. If they continue to ignore your emails, I’m not sure there’s very much you can do unfortunately, so I’m not sure what else to advise, except maybe to take another course from a more professional organisation…


    24 August, 2017 at 17:30
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    Hello Zeetee,
    Just did the same thing, finished the 120h with a 97% .. Did you purchase the certificate? Did you get it? .. I received an e-cert. But I’d like to get the hard copy. I don’t want to waste my money too..
    I hope you can read my comment and advise me. Thanks.

    23 November, 2018 at 9:40
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    Anyone received any feedback yet?

    Before I do the course, can anyone please confirm whether or not this is actually a legit certificate?

    3 July, 2019 at 0:54
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    Hi Guys! I, too, just discovered this course which seems way too good to be true! Does anyone have updates to share regarding feedback received, proof of accreditation, success with obtaining a hard copy of the cert, etc.? I was planning to begin the course this week, but after reading the above posts… not so sure it’s worth it.

    16 July, 2019 at 8:54
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    Anyone got an answer on this yet?

    A couple of red flags for me were the fact that this is a Course for teaching English but there are a number of English language mistakes in the content.

    Also the fact they are asking for money sends out a warning signal. I am going to try get the school in China to pay the £50 and will get back to you guys!

    6 August, 2019 at 13:28
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    Hey Alex, any news on this? I now require to buy a physical copy too but I’m really not sure if I should pay to get this or take another tefl. Thanks.

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