TEFL courses in Mexico

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    4 December, 2006 at 11:21
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    Posted on behalf of Jayne:

    I have just completed an on-site TEFL course, and it was fabulous! Worth every cent, and more intensive and complete than I could have ever imagined. I will always promote this course (on-site) to every teacher in my future.

    However, I just wanted to caution newcomers to this field, that the promise of work after may sometimes be shakey. Promises over the telephone from employers in another city, who have never met you, cannot be construed as a job. In actual fact, while you are involved in intensive study, and hoping for the best marks, are you going to argue with a potential employer over the phone, or demand a \"written\" offer? All at the same as being trained to not talk about money, and put your best foot forward (over the phone?)

    It can be a bit of a trap, not wanting to offend anyone who is in control of your certification and marks, and wanting to be \"pleasant\" with any employer they have solicited on your behalf. Fact is, one’s mind is on one’s training, and perfecting your teaching under observation.

    When they say that these courses are \"intensive\" they really mean it! In reality, this information and training should be spread over six weeks, at the very minimum. My class size was 18, and considering the workload, and only one instructor, this number was a little over, wouldn’t you say?

    I have been teaching in various states of Mexico for over five years now. Taking this course was my biggest career goal, for quite some time, and I would definately suggest it as a prerequisitie for anyone even \"thinking\" about teaching!

    24 March, 2007 at 0:21
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    Reply To: TEFL courses in Mexico

    What course was it? I am enrolling in Dunham Institutes course next month, so am interested in any more information that is out there.

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