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TEFL in China certificate overrides two years of post grade experience?

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  • mzzazn
    15 July, 2015 at 21:34
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    Hi everyone,
    I was told by Beijing New Talent Academy, if I took the TEFL in China course (August 4-10 for 3000RMB), I would get a TEFL certificate specifically for China that overrides my requirement for 2 year post grad. of teaching for a Z visa. This is supposed to give you “foreign expert status”. This would then also put me on the higher pay scale range because it overrides the 2 year post graduate teaching experience.

    I will have experience teaching, but it is not post graduate (I’ve been in college for years on end). I will have a two year degree (associate’s) in Information Technology, a four year degree in Teaching English as a Second language from the USA (plus my certificate). I’m also in China now (visiting) so I know what it’s like.

    Have any of you heard details about this TEFL in China course? Is it true that it does give you foreign expert status which then counts as two year post grad of teaching experience? I don’t necessarily trust the site (tefl.chinajob.com) because there’s mispellings, etc. It just makes me uncertain! Please share information if you have any. Thank you so much!

    18 July, 2015 at 10:54
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    You were badly misinformed. Although a specific employer may require you to have a TEFL or TESOL certificate (like the EF Chain) Chinese law requires you to have mandatory requirements that cannot be waived, or “overridden” or substituted. Be advised that you MUST have the following to legally work in China:

    1) Bachelor degree from an accredited university (in any major)

    2) Z visa in your passport when you land in China to work

    3) Fluent English language skills

    4) 2 years previous work experience that is verifiable

    5) 21 years of age

    6) Police certificate if you want to work in Beijing or Shanghai

    Before accepting any teaching job in China, please visit https://ruqqus.com/+TEFLBlacklist. Know Before You Go and get a free copy of China’s labor laws from us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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