TEFL certificate only, wasting my time? Saudi Arabia.

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  • Pinkpanther
    24 July, 2016 at 23:40
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    Hi there, so I moved to Saudi Arabia last year with my husband and finding work for a woman here is not as easy as back home in South Africa!

    Anyway, I’ve been googling for months and looking to do an English teaching certificate online (120 hours).

    I do not hold a diploma or a degree and have read that most schools will only accept teachers with a proper qualification as well as a TEFL certificate plus 2 or more years experience. It’s understandable but would there be a possibility for someone like me to get a job, any job as a teacher with only a TEFL certificate because I already reside in Saudi and do not need all the extras like accommodation etc?

    Just want to ask advise if I will be wasting my time doing the course or would there be hope?

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