Teaching in Spain?

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  • karl coq hot
    5 October, 2011 at 17:49
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    Hey guys,

    I will be teaching in Spain at the beginning of February and I would like some people to help me with some of my concerns …

    Are there any north american cultural habits to avoid while teaching?

    How do these children learn? kinesthetic, grammar, etc?

    In order to be ready ahead of time, how do you structure lesson plans so that my teaching will be meaningful to them?

    I really appreciate the time you’ll spend helping me,

    Karl, Canada

    9 October, 2011 at 18:23
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    Reply To: Teaching in Spain?

    Hey Karl,
    Not sure how much help I can be here, but I did not like to seee you hanging without an answer. I am just going into my third week of teaching in Spain. So far it has all gone rather well and I am very much enjoying the experience.

    Re your questions:

    Not sure what you mean by the first one…you mean habits of yours? That I can not comment upon other that to use common sense and manners, which I am sure that you do. There are no taboo subjects other than what you would expect. Spain is a rather religious country but I can not see that being a problem – best not to mention such political factions as ETA and of course do not mention Franco.

    The children I teach are following the ´Direct Method´- does your school follow a method – if so swat up on it but it is very self explanatory. I think all kids need a mixture of visual and kinesthetic learning, and of course you need to be up on your grammar as the odd older kid will be able to ask tricky questions. Just be sure of yourself. Oh, and have good games and ideas pre planned – game-learn-game-learn-quiz (pm what you have learnt) is working for me.

    For question three see answer one. It is all about the school and the method (if any) that they use and what exams they are working for. If older kids are working towards CAE of first certificate then go buy a copy (make sure you get the same edition) and swat up – you will seem like the best teacher ever.
    The fact you want to prepare means you will do great pal. Goof luck.

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