Teaching in Pesaro.

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  • man from the shire
    29 March, 2012 at 20:38
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    Pesaro is a small city, on the Adriatic coast. It is full of history and culture and for people who like this, it is can be much appreciated. It can become a little boring for more than a month because there is little to do in the winter and it is too far to travel to the largest city:Bologna, except at weekends. It is close to Rimini, which is a good place if you enjoy bars etc.

    Inlingua, Pesaro is well run and has a lot of work for teachers, which is of mixed level, regarding age and experience. The wages are OK and are usually paid on time into a bank.

    The Resources in the school are good…they are up to date and well looked after. There is a little too much influence on Inlingua books; however, this is a stipulation with Inlingua.

    There are computers for students and even a water bottle/coffee machine, which many schools do not have.

    The classrooms are spacious and full of light and are well kept.

    The secretaries are fantastic and the other teachers are good people to work with. For teachers who are novices, the other teachers can be of great help with encouragement and advise. For someone who likes the quiet life and the sea, working in the school would be a good experience.

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