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  • vcooke123
    10 February, 2010 at 23:22
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    Hi All
    I would really appreciate some advice. I completed my CELTA in November and I am now looking for a job. Has anyone worked with Inlingua in Padova Italy? If so what was your experience?
    I have been told salary is €12 per hour with approx. 100hrs per month..Is this the going rate for EFL teachers in Italy?
    I have also been told the following:

    "On arrival, you will be asked to sign a simple standardised letter stating that for taxable purposes you are still resident in Ireland and that gives you tax – exempt status here, in Italy for 2 years." Does this mean I still need to pay Irish Tax?

    This follows on to

    " So, this " letter " is valid for 2 years from the date you begin teaching here and you will receive 12 euros an hour for every hour taught, whether here in the centre or in outside locations. Cancelled lessons are reimbursed at 30mins if they happen on the day of the lesson itself and you are already in school or on the way to the company. Travel expenses are reimbursed at cost."

    Should I ask for a formal contract??? Or will this letter be enough???

    Any advice would be great..thanks so much


    19 February, 2010 at 18:12
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    Reply To: Need advice about teaching in Italy

    Hi Vanessa and welcome to the forum

    I don’t have any direct experience of Inlingua Padova, but 12 euros an hour sounds about right for Italy. 100 hours a month works out at between 20 and 25 hours a week, which again is about right. I’ve seen these kinds of cancellation conditions too.

    So everything looks okay on that side of things. As for the tax residence status, I have to say I haven’t come across this before – do they give you any particualr reason for this? You’ll need to find out if not having Italian residency has any other effects, for example access to health services…

    Has anyone else come across this situation?


    31 March, 2010 at 10:53
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    Reply To: Need advice about teaching in Italy

    Hi Vanessa,

    The part about being tax exempt for 2 years sounds rather unlikely. I don’t have experience with Irish residents, but British residents who have just moved to Italy can continue to pay income tax and national insurance contributions in the UK, but only for a maximum of 6 months.

    After you’ve lived in Italy for more than 183 days you become resident in Italy for tax purposes and so pay Italian income tax.

    There’s some more information also at http://www.tjtaylor.net/english/teachin … advice.htm concerning tax rates and contracts if you’re interested.

    All the best with your teaching,

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