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  • zoolfoos
    4 October, 2006 at 1:51
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    I am a high school student in CT. I studied abroad last semester in Germany. The time is now arriving for me to begin applying to colleges. I know that I want to continue learning German, and would actually like to get teaching certification in the subject, that way I can definitely get work here, in the USA. I also plan on traveling after college and would like to go back to Germany. An obvious source of work for me (as a native speaker) is, of course, English language instruction. I thought that it might be plausible to get my major in German and education, and to try for a minor in English. Although, I have been told that many German schools will prefer a degree in English as a foreign language, so ESL or TESOL. How can I possibly get my interests to work together? Certification in German and TESOL might be a bit over-ambitious, plus German schools might not be interested in a foreigner with a degree in German as an English teacher.

    What are these schools going to expect from my education? I will really appreciate all suggestions, so don’t hold back!


    18 December, 2006 at 6:17
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    Hm…. a response would be nice… does anybody have some advice?

    Basically, how much certification will a German public school expect from me? Do I need a four year TESOL degree, or do I need a four week certification?

    23 February, 2007 at 12:32
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    Hi Kevin

    I don’t think language schools in Germany will worry too much if your degree is in German. It is the English teaching qualification that will be more important to them, whether that is as part of your degree, or a separate qualification after it (something like the Cambridge CELTA). You’ll find English teachers around the world with degrees in everything from Art to Zoology.

    What is certain is that you will stand a much better chance of getting work at a school in Germany if you have a TESOL certification of some kind.

    I would have a look at some job adverts for Germany to get an idea of what shools are looking for.

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