Teaching in Algeria or Morocco

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  • mysticalmoon
    16 April, 2011 at 16:38
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    Hello all,
    I completed an 80 hours TEFL Certificate a few months ago and have been teaching English to students online since then. I’ve recently been trying to find teaching positions in North Africa with little luck. I am interested to go to Algeria or Morocco. There seems to be very little information on Algeria teaching opportunities and not much more I can find on Morocco.

    I’m still in the UK, as it seems unrealistic to quit my job and move to another country without a job lined up. Would it be worth while finding English schools within these countries online and e-mailing them? Or would it just fall upon deaf ears?

    Also, is there anyone who can check over CV’s before they are sent to schools .

    Ps. I wanted to add, I’ve also got an honors degree in Computer Studies, as I’ve read some countries require teachers to be educated to degree level.

    4 November, 2011 at 0:30
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    Reply To: Teaching in Algeria or Morocco

    Hello everyone,
    I got my Masters’ in secondary education about a year ago in Denver, Colorado, USA. The economy here is so bad that I could not find a permanent teaching job, therefore I am willing to travel any where in the world to teach. I prefer Morocco because I was born there and/or France because I went to high school in Annecy (border twon between Frans and Switserland). If you know how and where to find a teaching job, please hook me up.
    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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