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Teaching English in China – questions

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  • Youvegotmail
    4 March, 2014 at 23:54
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    Hey guys, as the title said I’m looking to maybe teach in China next school year but I have a lot of questions which I thought could be answered by some of you guys.

    Firstly, I was looking at doing a 120 hours TEFL course (100 is online), is this enough, will schools accept this or is that a poor "qualification"?

    I will have a degree in Psychology by this time, A Levels, and teaching assistant experience from working in a school 1 day a week as part of my university module, and volunteering in the school prior to this. Will the school experience and qualifications be valued?

    I’m a little worried I won’t have the cash to go this year, I might be able to save £1.5k-2k for around July or so, will this be enough including flights from UK, the TEFL course, and money for the first month or so? Do I need to pay for Visas and insurance – how much can this come to?

    I’m looking to go with 3 friends, what are the chances we would be able to either stay in the same/nearby accommodation, same/nearby school?

    Obviously, I can not speak one word of Chinese, is this bad or will this be covered in TEFL or is this irrelevant?

    My parents think I over simplify everything so if there is anything that could be problematic that I haven’t mentioned, have you got any advice or anything else worth mentioning?

    Have you got any places in China that you recommend teaching in?

    I’m sure I will have more questions, just having a mind blank.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    14 March, 2014 at 0:12
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    Any TEFL certificate is better than none in China because more than 80% of teachers here do not hold this certificate. Although a TEFL certificate is not required to obtain a teaching job in China, it helps you get a better salary when negotiating you contract. Good luck to you!

    Before accepting any teaching job in China, please visit http://www.ChinaScamBusters.com Know Before You Go and get a free copy of China’s labor laws from the CFTU (Just request by email)

    28 March, 2014 at 8:07
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    I agree with CFTU – any TEFL certificate is fine. I taught at a university in China, and I was surprised that one of the foreign teachers at the school didn’t have any teaching experience nor any certifications. A certification isn’t necessary, but it will help you get a better job and it will help with the actual job.

    If you do the TEFL training, you will learn how to teach without the use of Chinese. So you will not need to learn Chinese for the classroom, but I would recommend learning it to function in society. I studied basic Chinese before going, but I still found it difficult to get a taxi, order in a restaurant, buy a train ticket, etc.

    It shouldn’t be a problem to get a job together with your friends. Most places are pretty desperate to hire native speakers, so they might be excited about hiring all three of you.

    I’m not sure about the cost of flights from the UK, but you don’t need much once you’re in China. I think £2,000 is probably enough. Every school is different, so you’ll have to ask when you will get paid, if they will reimburse visa costs, flight, insurance, etc.

    China is an interesting place that I think everyone should visit! Good luck with your adventure!

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