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Teaching Contract in Vietnam. HELP!!

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  • MissWelsh
    10 October, 2013 at 8:56
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    I have recently been offered a teaching contract in Vietnam, however I have some reservations and was hoping someone could provide me with some help and advice. The company wants me to sign the contract asap so I need to make a quick decision.

    Firstly I was wondering if anyone had worked for I-CLC before? If so what are they like to work for?

    Secondly I was hoping someone could give me advice on what to expect in job contracts in Vietnam. There are a few clauses that I am unsure of. If they are standard to all Vietnamese teaching contracts then I will take the job as I’m not going to get better elsewhere.

    Obviously, as with any job you are expected to behave in a certain way and although I am sure I will always be professional if I do something wrong in the eyes of the company I will first get a verbal warning and then if I do something wrong again they will fine me 10% of my wages. This increases with everything indiscretion. Is this normal for a teaching contract in Vietnam?

    Also the contract states that I am required to give 30 days notice should I wish to leave, there is no mention of a cooling off period. Therefore they are expecting me to go into the job without really knowing what it’s going to be like and I am stuck there for at least a month even if I don’t like it. Also if I dont give them 30 days notice they will charge me $60 for each day under that notice. So if I only give them 26 days notice I will be required to pay them $240!! Is this also standard for Vietnamese teaching contracts?

    Sorry to ramble on. I really appreciate any help or advice.


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