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  • davidinspain
    26 June, 2013 at 15:55
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    Good Afternoon Y’all,

    This is my first time on the site and I must say I have received great information on TEFL for both on-line and off-line courses thus far. But as many will agree with me on this site, I am in need of some advice…So here it goes:

    I am a recent college graduate from Florida and I am currently registering with the state to become an instructor. My degree will allow me to teach Social Studies/Social Sciences from 6th to 12th grade in Florida. However, I am also in the process of obtaining my Spanish citizenship and would love to relocate to Spain by next year to teach English. I have family in many regions of the country and would love to explore the opportunity of teaching English abroad. I would like to ask – is it beneficial to take the TEFL course while you’re in the country you plan to teach? Also, are there any companies that will hire you in Spain with no TESL certification? My problem lies with the investment that is to be made for the course. I ask myself this:

    Do I really want to invest in an online course if it’s not sufficient enough and viewed negatively my some (not all) employers?

    Also, do I really want to risk moving to another country with no concrete source of income? (If I were to take a TEFL course in Spain)

    CELTA is the one I hear about the most, but it is incredible the amount of contrasting information I see on the internet. It would be nice to know what most employers in Spain are currently ask for.

    With the information I just provided, I am wondering whether a TEFL online course in the US before I arrive or taking the course in Spain is a better solution. Also, is there a market to teach American History in Spain? I am really not looking for any shortcuts, but rather information that can make a highly qualified applicant. Additionally, I would like to know good online courses in the U.S. and good offline courses in Spain.

    I need to develop a course of action within the next few months and do not know which way to go. I would love to hear responses from anyone and particularly anyone teaching in Spain in the Madrid and Andalucía region. Any legitimate sources to get me on my feet would be great as well. I am also open to other unique but effective suggestions to reach my goal (teach in Spain). Thanks in advance for all your feedback.


    2 July, 2013 at 15:36
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    Reply To: Teach In Spain/TEFL

    Firstly, regarding taking a TEFL course in the country you’re planning to teach – there are pros and cons.

    The advantage is that you can start to network for jobs while you’re taking the course, and the centre where you take it will often have contacts and provide help and advice that will boost your job finding prospects.

    The disadvantage is, as you say, living in a foreign country with no concrete source of income while you’re taking the course. So you’d need to have the financial resources to be able to do this.

    Secondly, which course to take? Well, here are the requirements in terms of TEFL qualification from 13 of the employers currently advertising jobs in Spain on this site. Bear in mind these are purely their requirements in terms of a TEFL qualification – I haven’t included what they require in terms of experience, nationality, university degree, etc. So, here we go:

    1. TEFL (CELTA, Trinity,etc) certificate
    2. Nothing specified
    3. Nothing specified
    4. Qualified
    5. Recognised TEFL qualification, Young Learners add on preferred
    6. Nothing specified
    7. TEFL (CELTA, Trinity,etc) certificate
    8. Nothing specified
    10. Minimum hours TEFL training required:100 – 140 hours.
    11. CELTA or similar
    12. CELTA or equivalent
    13. Possession of CELTA certificate.

    So, 8 out of 13 require a CELTA or other classroom-based course. Of the others, we can’t assume that they don’t require this, but we can’t assume that they do either – an online qualification may suffice for these employers. What we can see is that having a classroom based qualification (CELTA or similar) will open up far more options for you in terms of employment.

    Hope that helps a bit?


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