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Starting up as an online teacher

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  • Tammy Smith
    22 September, 2014 at 1:27
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    Hi everyone,

    Nt sure this is in the right category of the forum, so sorry about that if you think it belongs somewhere else! But here goes…

    I have built a website and am trying to market myself as an online teacher (teaching through Skype, google Hangouts, etc.). It’s been online for about 3 weeks now and in that time I’ve followed every bit of advice I can find about SEO, social networking, blogging, getting back links and everything else that will supposedly help me climb the search results pages.

    But nothing’s working?? I haven’t even got one person signed up to my mailing list and the only people I seem to have reached are my Facebook friends (none of whom are English learners!). I’ve read so many success stories about people teaching online and making a living out of it. This is what I really want to do as I’ve come back home to the UK from teaching abroad, hopefully to live permanently, and it is very difficult to find EFL gigs here that are full time and pay enough to allow a comfortable standard of living. But it’s proving really difficult to find students. One online teacher who I emailed for advice told me that it took him 2 years to get more than 2 students, and it was 9 years before he had enough students to teach full time! I thought it might take some time, but that long? Quite demotivating!

    Does anyone have any tips on other ways to find students apart from SEO and back linking? For instance, it would be great to know what websites I could post a link to my website on, that potential LEARNERS are going to see, rather than blogs and websites whose main traffic comes from other TEACHERS. I know classifieds would be useful but I’ve tried and it’s proved impossible to post on ones outside my local area – to post on some popular classified sites in foreign countries for example, you need a mobile registered to that country so that they can text you to set up your account. And in the UK, Gumtree is the most popular one but charges £5 per post for advertising a service, so would be too pricey to post ads for more than one city.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I’ve put so much time and money into becoming a good EFL teacher. It’s the only career I have had and would ever want, I love it and I’d hate to have to stop doing it just because of where I live. But I need to make a living and at this rate, giving up getting a job stacking shelves in my local supermarket seems like the more sensible option!

    22 September, 2014 at 12:46
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    Reply To: Starting up as an online teacher

    Tammy, for the time and effort you say you have expended you deserve a reply in here. Right now I don’t have the time to compose it. And of that which I most likely will write, I doubt if it will please you for it won’t be advice but will be the loose plan I would have followed in your situation.


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