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  • AB
    2 January, 2018 at 16:42
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    Hello! Could you do me the favor to answer the following questions?

    Match the activity (1 – 10) to the reason for the activity:
    The teacher pronounces a word and then gets the class to repeat the word together.
    The teacher asks the students how they like to be corrected.
    The teacher writes new vocabulary on the side of the whiteboard and leaves it on the board for the whole lesson.
    The teacher encourages a discussion on web development to a group of e-commerce experts.
    The teacher asks students to find out 5 pieces of information from 3 other students in the class.
    The teacher sets up a series of role-plays for the students.
    The teachers asks the students to look at pictures of different extreme weather before listening to a recording of a weather forecast.
    The teacher plays a quick game of I-Spy at the beginning of the lesson.
    The teacher elicits sentences using the structures / vocabulary that has just been taught.
    The teacher introduces the students to a website featuring practice grammar tests.

    1. Modelling new vocabulary and drilling to ensure that the class can learn the correct pronunciation.
    2. Giving the students the opportunity to practise the language that has been taught or introduced.
    3. Checking that the class have understood the language points that have been taught.
    4. Setting the scene and allowing the students to think of vocabulary and structures that may be relevant.
    5. Highlighting one of the aims of the lesson and ensuring that students have the time to refer to it throughout the lesson.
    6. Giving the students guidance and tools to develop their learning on their own.
    7. A ‘warmer’ to get the class focussing on English.
    8. Personalising the lesson to the students interests and knowledge.
    9. Providing a reason for students to talk in English to each other.
    10. Finding out about the students learning preferences.

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