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previous caution, may cause hassle!

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  • calmac60
    18 December, 2013 at 17:13
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    Hey guys I was wondering if you could be so kind to give me some information please? I am doing a 120 hour TEFL course right now and I’m due to finish it late February, so I really want to start applying for jobs ASAP. I am very attracted to Thailand as its a country with great culture and heritage, its warm and sunny and seems to pay well compared to other places.
    in order to get a non-immigrant B visa you must have a clean police record. Unfortunately I do not have one. I have never been convicted but I have a caution for possession of a controlled substance. I
    have a 2:1 Honours degree and by the time I finish this course I will have 170 hours worth of teacher training. I am a good person who has never beat people up randomly or went about smashing people’s property.

    Will this caution prevent me from gaining employment in Thailand? IS it worth bothering looking for jobs there or should I focus my attention elsewhere?

    Would really love some advice about this guys.

    Thanks for taking the time read.

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