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PPP Lesson plan can can anyone help please?

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  • sairah
    8 October, 2017 at 15:22
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    Level: Pre-intermediate
    Aim: Present perfect to express an experience some time before now. E.g. I have been to Mexico. I have eaten Octopus etc.
    Target language: I have been/eaten etc, Have you ever…?
    Time: 50 minutes
    Assumptions: Students will have encountered the present perfect before so should be familiar with the form but not meaning.
    Possible problems: Students might use the present perfect with past phrases, e.g. I have been to Mexico in 2003. I have eaten Octopus last year.
    NOTE: also add three concept questions at the end of the presentation after you have taught meaning. Use easier language they have learned before i.e. (to concept check “I have been to Japan”) Are you there now? (present simple) Did you go last week? (past simple) Are you going tomorrow? (future). That way you know by their answers if they understand the meaning or not.
    * Remember to focus only on general experiences at no specific time in the past (I have written 3 novels / I have travelled to many countries). Recent past (I have just washed the floor) and unfinished past (I have worked here for three years) are different uses of the TL. Don’t mix uses of the TL.

    10 October, 2017 at 19:30
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    Hi Sairah

    You haven’t posted the whole plan so it’s difficult to comment.


    10 September, 2018 at 16:58
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    Hello Dear Dan!

    Looks like I’ve landed, finally, at the right place and may get some expert advice from you. Would you mind giving me some tips on how a grammar lesson plan, featuring the Present Perfect, may look like.

    I’ve been doing CELT–S and the scary part has just begun. Unfortunately though I haven’t been able to get any of my teaching practices right. I always end up including too much in my lesson plan and almost always get carried away in the MFP stage – explaining everything.

    This time, however, I’m trying very hard to stick to one or two main uses of the Present Perfect – one of which is to talk about one’s life experiences. The problem is that I’ve never taught without the course books and I’m not used to planning lessons without a course book. This time, I’m going to use American Headway 1, Second edition but I’m really confused to see the way the lesson has been presented in the unit. This particular lesson looks more like a listening lesson rather than a grammar one.

    We’ve been taught to follow this procedure when teaching grammar lessons – Lead-In, Language Presentation and teaching MFP, Checking Meaning, Controlled Practice followed by a Semi controlled practice and in the end, a freer speaking activity followed by feedback stage.
    Since I’m not an experienced teacher at all and unfortunately, we were never given any In-Put sessions on how to teach different lesson; so we’ve never had any exposure to practical teaching. We’ve just completed the online work and have been asked to give our teaching practices.
    I would really appreciate if you could help me how I should plan the stages for this grammar lesson. Is it O.K to include longer listening texts to teach grammar?

    12 September, 2018 at 19:41
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    You can use listening texts to present grammar

    Hi Tipu

    You’re already on the right track with the stages of the lesson you mentioned. I would stick to just one use of present perfect, rather than “one or two” – less is more, especially when it comes to present perfect. Trying to introduce more than one use at a time normally leads to confusion.

    It is absolutely fine to use a listening text for the language presentation stage of a grammar lesson. I would suggest having a look at this lesson. The lesson shows you how to use a listening text in a PPP lesson to teach “used to”. And here’s the link to the plan of that lesson.

    A listening text lends itself very well to present perfect for life experiences – I’m guessing the text in American Headway has some people talking about their experiences. So you structure your lesson in a similar way to the “Used to” lesson. Extract some examples of present perfect from the text (in a similar way to the “Used to” lesson”). Once you have the examples, ask concept checking questions to check meaning, then work on form and pronunciation. You”ll then be ready to move on to controlled practice.

    I hope this helps to get you started. Feel free to get back to me if you get stuck.

    Good luck


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