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  • Ann
    15 October, 2018 at 8:17
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    Hello Dan,

    My submission is due in the next couple of days, could some you please review my lesson plan and share feedback.

    Class size – 10

    Present Continuous tense – Progressive

    Language points

    Present Continuous tense – Actions in progress at the time of speaking

    Teaching aids
    White board and markers, laptop with cable, projector, powerpoint, index cards, worksheets and blank sheets

    Learner objectives
    On completion of this lesson, students should be able to:
    – Recognise, express and write about ‘actions in progress at the time of speaking, using the Present continuous tense’, with minimal errors.
    – Students should understand the difference between talking about an action and emphasising that the action is currently taking place.

    Personal aims
    – Encourage the students to start thinking and conversing in English, by opening up enough student talk time and motivating everyone to actively participate
    – Pace the delivery flow, include repetition as required and remain enthusiastic throughout the session
    – Stay aware of the class environment and remain sensitive and respectful towards the students inputs while sustaining leadership and ethical self-conduct.
    – Keep a journal with each students name and make notes against their name for feedback later and also general feedback

    Anticipated problems for students
    – Confusing the different tenses and usages
    – Distinguishing auxiliary verbs from regular verbs.
    – Becoming easily overwhelmed, discouraged and daunted with all the new information.

    Overcome these challenges by eliciting multiple easy yet unforgettable examples of the tense and its usage, within the planned time frame
    – I will cover this lesson through methods of elicitation, choral drilling, , worksheets and group activity.
    – Encourage and motivate the students to believe they have potential to grasp, learn and ultimately master the tense in discussion

    Anticipated problems for teacher
    – Using advanced English while communicating to the class
    – Dissipating from lesson structure
    – Ensuring students participate in the lesson without getting bored
    – Become predictable

    – Keep reference notes to avoid communicating at an advanced level and dissipating from the topic
    – Change the activities from time to time and make it as interactive as possible

    Engage I – 5 Minutes – T-S
    Present a video clipping with pictures depicting various actions and play this for the students to see and guess the verb. I will describe the first two pictures from the clipping to set expectation.
    Example – reading, playing.
    Now, I’ll elicit the responses from each student and write them on the board. .
    This activity will help the students to start thinking and talking in English and set the tone for the class. In addition it also works as a vocabulary refresher for the weaker students.

    Study I – 5 Minutes – T-S
    Now that the students have warmed up I’ll explain to them about the present continuous and elaborate on action in progress at the time of speaking explain how in the present continuous tense we take the main verb and use it in the ing form. I’ll also share the list of exceptions for their reference.
    Together we’ll go over the verbs written on the board from the previous phase (and correct as required to the form in use) and practise these words through choral vocabulary drilling to acquaint the students with words in the present continuous form and also aid in pronunciation.

    Study II – 7 Minutes – T-S
    It’s now time to introduce sentence structure – aux verb ‘to be’ in the correct form according to the subject. On the board, I’ll write the subject+aux verb+verb+ing and explain this to the class in detail. I’ll also explain how to include words like ‘add at the moment’, ‘over there’, ‘right now.’, etc in a sentence.
    Index cards are handed to each student with a verb written on it, the student are expected to create a sentence around the verb assigned, using the newly acquired knowledge. The elicited sentences are written on the board. Since this is an individual activity, I will cover gaps in knowledge, by asking the peers to correct before correcting and sharing feedback on the go.
    Example – I am watching a movie right now, we are eating now, he is sleeping at the moment, they are playing football over there.

    Study III – 8 minutes
    The next step is to introduce contractions like I’m,He’s/She’s,We’r/They’r and do a choral drilling for the students to be acquainted with the usage and pronunciation of contractions.
    For this activity, I’ll act as a sales person visiting each students house (desk) to try and set up a meeting with them/their spouse or the entire family to discuss a new product. I must be politely refused while stating reason stated in the present continuous tense.
    Me: Hello! I am from ABC bank and am here to discuss our new product, is this a good time to talk to Mr. John?
    Student: I’m afraid not, he’s eating right now.
    Me: I am from ABC bank and am here to discuss our new product, is this a good time to talk?
    Student: I’m sorry, we’r stepping out at the moment.
    Me: I am from ABC bank and am here to discuss our new product, who can is the person I need to contact?
    Student: I’m sorry, they’r out shopping.
    This is a fun interactive activity aimed at keeping the classroom lively and encourages learning through each others feedback. Feedback for this activity is provided on the go

    Study IV – 10 minutes
    Divide the group in pairs (stronger students with the weaker) and hand out gap-fill worksheet for students to work on independently. This is to check for understanding and how the feedback is being incorporated. I will monitor from a distance. Later each student reads out his sentences and feedback is provided.

    Examples of the worksheets

    Gap Fill
    Use sub+aux verb+verb’ing to fill the blanks as applicable (5 sentences)

    Mike ________ (study) at the moment
    ________ (I, watch) a movie right now.

    Write in present continuous with contradictions (5 sentences)
    She is (play) over there. ____________________________
    We are (eating) out now. ___________________________

    Activate 1 – 15 minutes T-S-S
    Divide the students into three groups of three and one group with four students. Students will role-play news reporters covering various scenarios. 2 students will act as new reporters (one reporting from the studio and the other at the reporting location). The other will be involved at the reporting scene. I will explain the rules, each reporter shares updates for 1 minute and 1 minute interview time with the person on the reporting scene. The time mentioned also included prep time. I will walk around the class listening and observing each ones language usage.

    Scene 1 – Fire rescue operation
    Scene 2 – Political unrest in a city
    Scene 3 – Sports field

    Example – Studio reporter – We are tuning to visuals from the fire scene and connecting you with our reporter there
    Location reporter – Look! people are running out of the building, their are babies crying and everyone is panicking. The fire engine is arriving at the moment.
    Survivor – I am shaking with fear and can’t stop thanking God…

    Activate 2 – 10 minutes
    Each group comes up to enact the given scenario. I will pay close attention as a judge listening for grammar and pronunciation.

    Activate 3 – 15 minutes
    Use this time to share common feedback, take questions and clear doubts. Appreciate the students for their participation and enthusiasm and suggest reading material and practise work.

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