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PLAY ABC wants to hire me. Are they legit? Please help

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  • Hologram
    19 July, 2019 at 13:57
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    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great contributions to this forum.
    So, I’ve finally decided to go to China and to experience teaching there.

    I’ve been dealing with China dailyjobs who put me in contact with PlayAbc http://www.playabc.com.cn/
    Has anybody worked there or has some references? This is their offer and the answer they provided to all my questions. Does it make sense? Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!


    Hello dear, that school decided to hire you, this is their offer.
    ◆Location:Jiaxing City Zhejiang province
    ◆School Type: Training Center
    ◆Working Hours:40h
    ◆Teaching Hours:20h
    ◆Teaching age:3-12
    ◆Days Off:MON&TUES
    ◆Bonus:5000-10000rmb depends on performance
    ◆Air tickets:3000rmb will be reimbursed when you arrive in China. And 3000rmb will be reimbursed when the contract ends
    ◆Accommodation:single apartment
    ◆Student visa :yes

    Additional info:

    – The contract is valid for one year and the probation period is one month
    – Bonus is paid after one year contract, but overtime is converted into an hour’s worth of money and get paid monthly
    – we provide commercial insurance

    — we will help you with the student visa, you just need to follow our instructions to prepare some necessary documents, and it lasts for 6 months, and after 6 months you can go to HK to renew it, about the ticket to renew the visa, they will reimburse when you finish this one year contract

    – Chinese legal holidays are paid

    – the school will rent the apartment before you come here and send the pics to you, but we dont have now

    – school’s name: PLAY ABC,http://www.playabc.com.cn
    after signing the contract with the school, they will contact you
    – Now there are no other foreign teachers, you will be the first one, and we are still hiring another teacher

    6 August, 2019 at 18:53
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    You need a Z visa to work in China

    Hi Hologram

    This all looks fine, except for one glaring issue. They are proposing that you come to China and work on a student visa. Legally, to work in China, you need a working Z visa. Schools should not be offering contracts on anything else.

    Hope that helps…


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