What is your opinion on the use of arts and crafts to aid language acquisition?

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  • Karen
    27 May, 2021 at 13:28
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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently doing some research for my Diploma and am interested in finding out what EFL teachers around the world think about the use of arts and craft in the classroom. If any of you could take the time to consider the below and share your ideas on the topic, I’d be eternally grateful. Thank you! :)

    Do you ever use arts and craft in your EFL classroom?
    Do you think it is possible to stimulate English language learning through the use of arts and crafts? We frequently use these types of activities with children, but what about with older teenagers and adults?
    Would you ever consider developing art, craft and drama activities from your textbook lessons? Why/why not?
    Which English language systems could be taught through arts and crafts? Which skills?
    Do you believe there is any benefit to using arts and crafts to teach language in the classroom?
    Any other opinions or comments?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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