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  • RustyMember
    30 August, 2010 at 16:31
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    Okay so read a bunch of threads dealing with how accepted certification obtained from online courses is and it just led to more confusion. I would love to take a CELTA or Trinity cert. course of course but finances and time constraints decree otherwise so want to lay out my plan and position and see what you guys think as to otptions and employability.

    I’m 27 and a bright guy but been dancing in the cracks and travelling since an early age so never got educted after leaving school at 16 besides a couple of courses in counselling.

    I am looking into taking a course that combines 120 hours online with 20 hours in class. I have also been teaching English to little German kinder at a language camp in Germany for the past 3 years so must have knocked up well over 1000 hours there which although wasn’t in a school means I’ve got some experience which means I know pretty much what I’m doing and will hopefully boost my chances of employment.

    What countries would be open to employing me on this basis and do you think I have a hope or am I just blowing cash on a pointless course and pissing against the wind when it comes to applying for a job.

    Ideally love to move to China to teach there.

    Just so you know planning on taking the course through i-to-i but open to other suggestions.



    30 August, 2010 at 19:58
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    Hi Paul,

    I can relate to your confusion. It is an overwhelming endeavor to discern the best approach to teaching abroad and understanding your options. I am doing the same right now. I will say your options are more limited without a Bachelor’s degree. Most job postings will ask for that. However, the teaching experience might help you and CELTA is very well recognized.

    I would look up job postings to get a feel for what is available to you. This site had a lot of postings for China: http://eltworld.net/forums/index.php That is about all the advise I can give you since I am looking for lots of advice myself.

    I am looking into teaching in China as well since I speak some Chinese and would like to become more fluent in it. Let me know how things progress for you.


    31 August, 2010 at 15:50
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    That’s correct, a degree in any area is necessary to teach English abroad. You can manage to obtain a legal job without a degree if you go to rural areas where demand for teachers is high and pay is poor. But don’t work illegally!!

    As for certification, it’s possible to take an online course that is equivalent to Trinity and CELTA. Ontesol’s 250-hour program is an extended version of Coventry House International’s Trinity CertTESOL (http://www.study-at-coventry.com) in Toronto. You can choose to take a 20-hour Practicum module anywhere in the world and receive TESL Canada accreditation when you obtain your degree (http://www.tesl.ca). Most people take the Practicum at the school they work with the help of a qualified supervisor.

    Online TESOL/TEFL Courses Recognized by TESL Canada and ACTDEC UK http://www.ontesol.com

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