Norman International Academy, Malaga, Spain

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  • Keith Taylor
    27 September, 2009 at 12:48
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    The following advert is for a school which doesn’t exist, and requests teachers to send several hundred euros to the school barrister, for upfront accommodation fees. The following are excerpts from communication between a teacher who applied for the job, and the school, and have been provided to us kindly by the teacher concerned.

    [quote]Norman International Academy is committed to recruiting and developing excellent educators from around the world to form a dynamic and highly motivated team to become part of a community of learners that has at its core the NIA Values that shape our behaviour, inform our decision-making and provide a shared focus for all our actions.
    NIA is renowned for its innovative approach to learning, its sense of community and the professional opportunities we provide for our staff. Our special corner of Spain is famous for its perfect climate, rich culture, spectacular countryside, relaxed and safe lifestyle, and is a great place for individuals or families to enjoy life at its best.
    Application Procedure
    In order to apply for the English Teaching vacancy, please submit the following documents by email:
    letter of application
    Your CV/Resume
    a recent photograph
    e-mail contacts of two referees.
    Please do not sumbit your school certificates untill you are advised to do so,you will be requested to send your school certificates/Diploma for further evaluation when the recruitment team must have gone through your CV/Resume.
    POSITION:English Teachers Required.
    Job benefits include :
    Monthly salary: 1600 Euro,Visa Assistance for Non Eu’s ,plus Housing.
    Starting date:   October 2009.Work Load: 5 hours per day, Monday to Friday.Class size: 20 to 23 students per class
    Age of students to be taught:11/12 to 18/19.Contract end date: October 1st 2010.School Location: Malaga ,Spain
    Contact Person:  Isaac

    For teachers concerned that they could find no reference to the school anywhere online, here is the school’s response:

    [quote]Please note that Norman International Academy is a new school, established in September 2007.The school’s website is still under construction and it will be ready by the 25th of November this year.Based on the aforesaid,you will not find the school online during your internet searches,google etc. We regret any inconveniences this might cause.However,more information about the school and the city will be provided as we move further.If selected, your recent photograph will be required for the building of the school website.[/quote]

    And here is the request for money, to be sent by Western Union Money Transfer:

    [quote]Your living accomodation(very close to the school compound,less than 5 minutes walk),one bedroom studio with private kitchen,toilet and bathroom will cost 3120 Euros for one year,that means 260 euro per month.As stated in the contract, teachers will pay only two months of the accomodation fee (520 euros),while the school pays the rest(2600).Before your arrival to Spain, you are expected to send two months accomodation fee,which is 520 euros.It is our responsibility to furnish your apartment before your arrival.Obtaining your visa,if you need one, is the barrister’s duty,kindly email the barrister for details.
    Non EU,s will be requested to send 350 euros for the processing of their travelling and working documents.
    In Summary Non EU’s will send 350 euros,visa processing fee and 520 euros,two months accomodation deposit,a total of 870 euros.While the EU’s will send only 520 euros being two months accomodation deposit.

    Below is the money transfer information:
    METHOD OF PAYMENT:Western Union Money Transfer
    RECEIVER: David Freeman
    ADDRESS:Avda Del Prado,Marbella, Malaga, Spain.[/quote]

    16 October, 2009 at 16:14
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    Reply To: Norman International Academy, Malaga, Spain

    Tis is scarily similar to a scam going round at the moment about a school called "execs International School" based in Madrid. The ages they give are also 11-18/19 ad they ask for the same info to be sent, only for a position starting in January 2010.
    Like Norman International, they are a "new organisation" they claim to have started in 2008, and to have a website which is still "under construction" and will not show up on google searches. They also say more information concerning the school and the city will be given further on in the application processs.

    Having read your’s I am almost convinced the are the same scammer- the wording is almost identical!
    Unlike yours, they are slightly craftier (probably not achieving results the first time round) and do not ask for money straight away. They actually wait until they’ve put someoe through the effort of a "written interview" and they email a "contract" and then ask for money for accomodation/ visa.
    Thankfully I realised it was a scam before even bothering with the "interview" but have seen that people on other websites only realised at the last minute. Incidently an address was given to one chap who got a contract- he looked it up and it was in Madrid; but it was a cafe!
    Always be aware that even if a school has no website, it should still come up in a google search or on google maps if it is truely genuine!

    22 April, 2010 at 5:32
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    Reply To: Norman International Academy, Malaga, Spain

    They recently did another scam with the exact same info except using the school name ‘Colegio Aleman Juan Hoffmann’.
    Check out my blog post for more details. – … offmann%27

    Keith Taylor
    22 April, 2010 at 12:46
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    Reply To: Norman International Academy, Malaga, Spain

    Hi Joss

    Your blog post is a very good example of how some thorough research can help to identify scams – good work and thanks!

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