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newly certified and ecstatic

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  • magelarocque
    18 December, 2007 at 4:42
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    Hello forum folk,

    I am newly certified in TESOL and gathering all my documentation to wing away in August for parts unknown.

    My first choice of a place to go and live for a year or so is the Croatian coast. Anyone out there taught in Croatia? I have sent out over 20 resumes to the schools I found listed on the British Council site. No replies to date.

    I have also put out some feelers in Poland, Ukraine, and Spain with some positive responses. I get the general impression that Spain is a hard place to get a visa for non-EU passport holders of which I am one. I am Canadian. Still lots of time to do lots of research.


    18 December, 2007 at 20:06
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    Hi Maggie

    Try here for more schools in Croatia.

    Spain can be hard for non-EU citizens – going there first and looking for a job when you’re there can help, as many schools rely on teachers walking in off the street. You’ll still find many will only employ EU citizens, but I knew several Americans and Canadians working successfully in Barcelona, so it’s certainly possible!

    Poland I think is starting to go the same way now that it is an EU member. However, you will probably find more schools at the moment willing to employ non-EU citizens than in Western Europe. It’s a great place to teach – I was there for a training course for two months in the summer, and the students were the friendliest, most responsive I’ve ever met.

    Hope this helps, Keith

    19 December, 2007 at 18:02
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    Congratulations, Maggie, Well Done.
    Please try to put Bulgaria on your `to do` list for the future.
    Though you may benefit from an `easier` posting for your 1st year.
    (With respesct, i know not of your experience)
    Why not Post-up and tell all as you progress.

    Seasons Greetings

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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