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New to TEFL..please advise on course choice!

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  • bertles86
    5 May, 2009 at 10:41
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    Hi I’ve known about TEFL for a quite a while, but have not as yet looked into too much. Now I am!

    From my initial research it seems that a CELTA course is the best out there – correct?

    If not, which is?

    Is it best to train in the UK first, then go abroad or do CELTA course abroad?

    If in the UK, how do you know which places are good to do the course at?

    I’m based in Liverpool now, but Kent (with London a possibility) soon, so recommendations for course venues in these areas?

    Are there plenty of TEFL opportunities in the Middle East? As I’m travelling through Egypt/Jordan/Syria/Lebanon/Turkey next year and would like to combine backpacking with some TEFL!

    Any advice would be gramd cheers, Bert. :D

    5 May, 2009 at 13:03
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    Reply To: New to TEFL..please advise on course choice!

    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is simply a Certificate awarded by Cambridge ESOL.

    It is a fairly intensive certificate program in terms of finance, workload and commitment, and a bit of an overkill if you are on a gap year or just trying out teaching for a while. Unless your intention is to remain within the ESL industry and build a career for yourself in this field then you could quite happily opt for a basic TESL/TEFL Certificate.

    In most places the basic requirements for entry level teaching positions are a degree plus a TESL/TEFL certificate – not necessarily a CELTA.

    CELTA is undoubtedly a popular qualification especially in Europe, but has far less clout in other parts of the world like Asia, for example.

    It really depends on where you want to teach and at what level.

    Quality online TESL/TEFL Certificates are also widely accepted.

    There are many good schools around the world that will happily accept TESL/TEFL Certificates issued by reputable organizations other than Cambridge, so you can shop around. See the ICAL courses to start with!

    There are quite a few good courses both online and onsite to choose from. You could start by taking a look at TEFL Course Review. This is a site where TESL/TEFL courses and course providers are independently reviewed and rated. See the reviews on the ICAL TEFL Certificate courses to start with!

    ICAL Quality Online TEFL Training since 1998

    5 May, 2009 at 21:03
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    Reply To: New to TEFL..please advise on course choice!

    Cheers for the help Pete, I’ll look into ICAL now. From googlage I’ve found Cactus do an online TEFL course, have you heard of it? Is it any good?

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