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Need Opinions on this Contract (Xiamen, China)

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  • Omega128
    12 May, 2014 at 20:46
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    A Chinese friend of mine sent me a offer at Xiamen Foreign Language School, as far as I can tell Xiamen is a pretty nice place, but the contract seems like it pays peanuts:

    The school provides FREE living accommodation, medical insurance, vacation allowance, and air ticket allowance based on a full academic years service. It has a long history of employing foreign teachers, intensive care from experienced staff, help with expert certificate and residence permit.

    Job description:
    A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite and applicants with a TEFL/ TESOL certificate or teaching experience are priorities.
    Workload: 45 minutes per class, 18-20 classes per week
    Time of Contract: One year
    Apartment Conditions: Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, TV with English Channel, complete set of furniture, Internet and Telephone.
    You will be paid monthly (6000 RMB), with travel allowance 1500RMB and Aire 9000 RMB

    I’m curious what other people think? I’ve spent time Korea as a student before and whilst I know the cost of living is more over there I could earn at least twice as much with just my BA (no teaching experience or qualifications)

    Thanks in advance!

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