How can I teach the word “yesterday”?

mohtvan831, 19 August, 2016

Hello all,
Could someone please help with this question below. I just need a few example as to how I should start this paragraph using the word given. Anything would help even explaining how I can start on the paragraph would do.

Your students are intermediate and above. They do not know these words but they may know synonyms or antonyms of these words. How would you best convey the meaning and teach the vocabulary ítems to them? Write a paragraph on each word/words including types of interactive questions which can help accomplish this task. There are other ways it could be done. Be imaginative!

Word: Yesterday

Thank you

Keith, Moderator, 19 August, 2016

Use dates and/or a calendar
I would probably use dates for this, either with a calendar, or calendar app on your phone, or just by writing dates on the board. If you start with today’s date, then showing them yesterday’s date should convey the meaning if you ask the right questions. Feel free to post the paragraph that you come up with here and I’ll happily comment.


mohtvan831, 19 August, 2016

Okay class can you tell me if today is tomorrow what would today be called. What would the day past today be called. Look at the calendar today’s date is 08-19-16 when was 08-18-16.

Would this be a good example of how I should start the question or is there another formal way of doing it.


Keith, Moderator, 23 August, 2016

if today is tomorrow what would today be called

This is quite complex – I’m struggling to get my head around this question myself!!
My advice would be to keep it much simpler. For example, point to today’s date and say “Today”. Then point at yesterday’s date and say “What day is it?”
Or similar…

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