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  • Keith Taylor
    30 July, 2010 at 14:04
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    Adverts have been posted recently by a Dr Miguel Diaz:

    [quote]Hi Teacher,
    warm Greetings!
    i am Dr Miguel Diaz from colombia but
    presently residing here in the UK with
    my wife amandine and two kids by name , Rigney and Jane ,

    i am in need of an english teacher to come and teach my wife and kids for
    a period of one year here before they can enroll into any formal education,
    Compensation and Benefits Package:
    Salary is GBP4,500monthly

    United Kingdom
    tel: +447024059847

    Warning signs:

    1. 4500 GBP monthly is an extremely high salary
    2. Is Meryleboune a place in the UK?
    3. Be wary of adverts posted by a "family". While some are of course genuine, many aren’t, and they are certainly worth further investigation.

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