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Many questions about CELTA course from a nervous hopeful.

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  • cobblers88
    10 January, 2012 at 22:31
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    Hi. My partner and I are hoping to do a CELTA course in Barcelona in April. We’ve both recenty completed and English degree and now want to teach abroad. I have a few questions, and hope the answers to them will ease my mind as I am currently very stressed!

    First of all…it is now January, have we left it too late to apply for a course in April?
    Second of all…how competative are the courses? Are we likely to get onto the course of our choice?
    Thirdly, does our pre-interview task need to be perfect? We’re both brushing up on our grammar as we go along but don’t want to check our answers online as it feels like cheating. Will they understand if we don’t use the perfect ‘teacher talk’ when we give our answers?
    How intense is the interview?

    Any answers/details of your own experiances would be really helpful! Thanks.

    TEFL World Wiki
    11 January, 2012 at 10:28
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    Reply To: Many questions about CELTA course from a nervous hopeful.

    Many courses are competitive but it depends on the school running them. They are very intense courses and I would always recommend that you get some kind of teaching practice in if you can before you take the course. It will help you a massive amount! In fact, I always feel that a couple of years experience makes the CELTA much more useful to a teacher.

    You will need to know grammar and it helps if you know if really well. It’s not cheating at all to look up the answers online; it’s part of the learning process. There aren’t set grammar questions in CELTA so I’m not sure why you can’t.

    And the pre-interview task doesn’t need to be perfect at all. They are looking for candidates who will make good teachers, not teachers who already know everything. The course will teach you!

    This link might help: CELTA

    TEFL World Wiki: http://teflworldwiki.com

    19 January, 2012 at 10:48
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    Reply To: Many questions about CELTA course from a nervous hopeful.

    Hi there!

    If you are still considering courses to get certified to teach abroad, I can also recommend getting a TEFL certificate. A CELTA certificate is fine as well, and if you want to teach in the UK, is actually preferred, but if not, you can also opt for a TEFL certificate. There are numerous TEFL programs around Europe, and I’m sure you can enroll on an April course without any problem or the nervousness of a pre-interview.

    I am the current job guidance counselor at TEFL Worldwide Prague (http://www.teflworldwideprague.com) and we’ve had hundreds of graduates go onto work in Europe, typically within a few weeks of graduating the course.

    Speaking as a graduate of the program as well, I can say while the course was incredibly intense (basically the equivalent to CELTA without the Cambridge name), it was always fun and I was definitely able to perfect my grammar and teaching language on the course, so that I could be prepared for interviews afterwards.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Good luck!

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