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Looking for advice from TEFL teachers living in Asia

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  • Mizjane07
    20 January, 2016 at 8:34
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    Before I ask my question, I will give you a little background. I have been enrolled in an M.Ed program in Early Childhood Education in the US and have had a really horrible experience in my internship and with the field placement department. In a nutshell, I feel like I am a number and the field practicum department has been lax in helping me find another practicum essentially leaving most of the work to me. So, I am considering withdrawing from the program without getting certified. I had been thinking about TEFL certification since the summer and recently passed the LOVETEFL 120 certification online. I also received a job offer from EF China.

    However, I am debating whether it makes sense for me to take a blended CELTA course and receive the most recognized international certification. If I completed the CELTA certification would it command a higher salary? I do not have any formal teaching experience. Thoughts and advice much appreciated.

    The ELT Hub
    23 January, 2016 at 8:36
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    Hi Mizjane, you are right that the CELTA (or Trintity TESOL) is most recognised. Some schools (I would suggest the better ones) insist on such a qualification, some don’t. In France, for example, it used to be easy to pick up an English teaching job simply on the basis that you spoke English. That is no longer the case, and proper accreditation is usually demanded.

    But regardless, a CELTA is a fantastic grounding in English teaching. It gives you confidence, lets you work on practical teaching methods, and brushes up your grammar. And, because it’s pretty intensive, the whole experience can be a bonding and unforgettable one with your peers.

    Good luck!

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