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Looking for some advice on TEFL in Mexico

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  • Hyuzu
    10 June, 2019 at 7:53
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    Hello all, thanks for having me here. I have a few questions about finding TEFL work in Mexico, and I’d greatly appreciate any advice. Quite a few of the online articles I found through google on this topic seemed mainly geared toward Americans, and since I’m not one, some of the comparisons and advice they offered wasn’t really relevant to me.

    My first question concerns getting visas/work permits. Does anyone know if it’s possible to find TEFL work in Mexico if you are a citizen of a non-anglophone country? I am a native English speaker (raised in the anglophone world), but my passport is from a non-anglophone country, so I hope this won’t create a huge barrier for me. I am educated to Masters level (in a social-sciences subject) and I will have completed a TEFL cert in my country of residence, if that would help.

    My second question concerns job hunting. I have read several articles which recommend that you be in Mexico already when looking for work. This would be more of a struggle for me than someone like an American, since I live on the other side of the globe and have limited funds for travel if I’m not already earning a salary. Could anyone recommend some good places to look for work while not yet physically being in Mexico?

    My third question concerns location. Crime safety is a major factor for me when choosing a job location. Could anyone with experience living in Mexico recommend places that they feel would be safest for living and working in this type of job? For example, I have heard generally positive things about Mexico City, but having never lived there, I don’t have a realistic idea of what it’s like.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post :)

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