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language analysis – need help :(

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  • sezamek
    13 July, 2008 at 10:23
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    hello everyone
    I need a little help with my language analysis
    I’ve a sentence and I have to say what problems may be with certain aspects of such sentence.
    the sentence is:
    This coat fits me but it doesn’t suit me.
    and I have to analyze what problems mights students have with the form and meaning of fit and suit. also what is the form of these 2 ‘words’. They are verbs but what else

    please help me
    i really cant get through this

    16 July, 2008 at 20:03
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    Reply To: language analysis – need help :(

    This coat fits me but it doesn’t suit me.

    – Think about whether each verb is regular or irregular – what happens when you put the sentence into the simple past?

    – Think also about whether the verbs are transitive or intransitive – is it possible to say "This coat fits"? How about "This coat suits"?

    – What is the difference in meaning between the two verbs? Could this cause problems for students?

    – What happens when you change it around – "This coat suits me but it doesn’t fit me". Is this possible? Could it be confusing?

    – Don’t forget pronunciation problems too: How might students want to pronounce the vowel sound in "suit"? What happens to the /t/ sound in "suit" in connected speech (when you say the whole sentence)?

    Hope that helps.


    12 September, 2010 at 9:45
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    Reply To: language analysis – need help :(

    Hello Dan,

    I am thinking of doing the CELTA in November and have come across a few tasks like this from online TEFL forums. For example

    "Would you mind if I closed the window"?
    "I am getting used to living in Ireland"
    "This coat fits me, but it doesn’t suit me"

    Meaning: Pronunciation: Form (whiteboard):
    Appropriacy: neutral
    Anticipated problems with MPFA (and solutions):
    Context: Conveying meaning from context:
    Checking understanding:

    Is it possible now that these questions are years old to have the full answers as I am still confused with them and wonder am I really able for this course!

    Thanks Agnes

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