Lang school, Kedzierzyn Kozle, Poland.

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  • man from the shire
    19 February, 2018 at 11:16
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    Lang School is based in the town of Kedzierzyn Kozle in Poland. The town is a non-descript, boring place with little in the way of entertainment. I worked there for one month, a cold and white month in January/February. After years in Italy and four months in Sicily before I came to KK, it was a shock I can tell you.

    The school is well run with good resources. I had a mixture of ages and levels, doing general English. However, what a culture shock. From the excitable, vibrant Sicilians to students as souless and cold as the town and climate.

    Another shock was the complete lack of social connection with the other Staff. From my experience, going out with other teachers for coffee and entertainment is the norm. Here, nobody connects and doesn’t ask how your weekend was etc. They don’t like you socializing with adult students either, which was another shock because it’s a way of connecting with the locals.

    I enjoyed my time some what but be warned: the town is boring, you have to come with money because they don’t pay up front ( I came with nothing and regretted it straight away), most of the students are OK but not with that southern European spark and the climate in the winter is terrible; unless you like cold and ice.

    The money is a competitive, local salary. In other words, OK, for living on Zloty but not real money.

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