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Is it possible to teach without a degree?

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  • honeygirl
    22 January, 2011 at 2:06
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    I have always wanted to teach English overseas, but I notice that many jobs out there require a degree. I hate the idea of sitting in a classroom for three years being lectured and writing essays – I would much rather be traveling and helping people.

    My question is whether or not one can teach without a B.A. Has anyone here done it? If so, in what country or with which school? I know that South America and some parts of Asia aren’t so picky, but some countries require a degree for you to be sponsored for a work visa.

    Another question is whether I would be able to acquire a degree in another country? I’m Canadian, but always liked the idea of going to South America or Asia and tutoring while going to school. I wonder if the academic degree I would get there is worth the same as a Canadian one?

    If anyone can help me with these problems, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I’ve asked on a few websites and nobody has answered so far.


    24 January, 2011 at 8:56
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    If you don’t have a degree there are still possibilities. These countries do not always require a degree:

    * China – the demand here is so great they often overlook the need for a degree.
    * Indonesia
    * Ecuador
    * Czech republic (although you will need a passport from an EU member state to teach here)

    You will, however, need a TEFL Certificate to show you have knowledge of the subject and teaching it.

    Also, don’t forget that you may well be able to find work in countries which normally require a degree.

    To get these jobs you usually need to be in the country in person, ideally around the start of the new school year. If you contact as many schools as you can you may well be able to find one which is in need of a teacher and is willing to overlook the degree requirements due to the urgency of getting a native speaker into the classroom!

    More info: TEFL without a Degree

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    13 February, 2011 at 17:49
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    Of course choosing a TEFL school is difficult. Maybe a CELTA certificate would be better. It is backed by Cambridge University and has more validity I am finding. I went to a TEFL school which will go unnamed here, but I will give you that information privately if asked. Their website said "guaranteed job placement." I took the schooling in Costa Rica because that was the part of the world in which I wanted to work. Their job placement was one 2 hour session on how to make a resume and a list of websites, half of them so old as to be invalid. So I wrote to the school’s website and asked them about their "guaranteed job placement" and was told that the school is based in Asia and so how could they help me in Central America.
    So, I am still looking, but most of the jobs seem to be in Asia.
    Der Fish

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