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  • depechemodefan
    19 January, 2010 at 12:41
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    Hi all

    Can anybody please give me any advice on what International House are like to work for?

    Thank you for any help anybody can offer.

    1 February, 2010 at 12:34
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    check this link – … or-ih.html

    2 February, 2010 at 21:13
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    International House have a very good reputation generally. They are known to be strong on teacher training and development.

    Regarding the blog post linked to about IH Pamplona – I can’t comment on the validity of what’s written as I haven’t worked for them. What I can say though, having worked elsewhere in Spain, is that a lot of what is written is quite common in schools in Spain, and so should not necessarily be taken as negative comments about IH Pamplona specifically. For example:

    – 25 contact hours is common
    – 1000 euros a month take home pay is not bad for Spain
    – I’ve yet to work for a school (and I’ve worked for quite a few) where pay wasn’t late at least once
    – starting early in the morning at out-of-town industrial estates is fairly common, as is free time being eaten up by travel
    – writing reports and marking in "unpaid free time" – again, I’ve yet to work for a school anywhere in the world that pays you by the hour for report writing and marking in addition to teaching hours.

    As I said, I’m not in a position to verify or otherwise the comments made in the link, and I’m not trying to defend any particular school – there are a few things written about the school which, if true, I would describe as slightly dubious practices.

    But this is just a word of warning/advice to a) research what is common practice in other schools in a particular country, and compare schools accordingly, and b) to remember that whatever you read, whether in this forum or on other sites, is one person’s opinion.

    Hope that helps.


    23 February, 2010 at 17:29
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    Hi Dan.
    Nice, intelligent reply. In response to the points you make, the blog does actually compare like for like the schools in Pamplona, both ‘academias’ and otherwise. (It doesnt compare the school with other schools in Murcia (for example) or other areas because living costs arent the same)Perhaps you read only the part specific to Clen College? 25 contact hours may be usual for you. I personally do less than 20 because it’s exhausting, and anyway, as the blog states, the offer is made for 22 and then only upped when you’re already here. It’s sneaky, as are many of their practices.
    And yes, who hasn’t had the odd late payment? This doesnt make it acceptable to constantly pay your overworked teachers late.
    Finally, yes, it is an opinion piece. Articles generally are, but it is an informed opinion piece written using information gathered from many current and ex IH sources, and as such is and HONEST and OBJECTIVE piece. It is meant to inform and advise teachers thinking of coming to Pamplona of the various choices open to them, and in that way is a great success.

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